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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

LEED Sustainable Flooring

Concrete Fusion is proud of its contribution to sustainability. You can earn Canada Green Building Council LEED points when you choose one of our epoxy or other resinous flooring systems for your commercial or industrial environment.

Commercial Flooring Sustainability

Our epoxy and other resin floor systems have a proven track record when it comes to durability. They will outlast most other flooring by years, often decades. This means that there is a reduced need to removal and disposal of old floors less often. In fact, when one of our floors does eventually need resurfacing, we can often use it as the substrate for a new installation. This not only saves on wastage that may damage the environment, but will also save you time and money.

With Concrete Fusion’s wide variety of sustainable epoxy flor coatings there is no need to compromise on aesthetics. To assist you in achieving LEED points, we can utilize up to 30% recycled content for our epoxy flooring. We offer a choice of glass or coloured quartz, or you can have a solid colour finish to your floor. No matter the make-up of our floors, the finished product is always a high-performance, quality finish.