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Commercial Flooring Sustainability

Concrete Fusion is proud to deliver environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring options for our clients. Through the Canada Green Building Council, some of our products can add to your projects LEED points – giving you tax incentives and demonstrating a commitment to the environment once your project is complete.

Concrete Can Be Repaired And Won’t End Up In The Landfill

Our epoxy and other resin floor systems have proven track records when it comes to durability. When compared to most other flooring options polished concrete and epoxy floors out last other options by years and decades. Also, most concrete floors can be reconditioned, resurfaced, and repaired which means even slabs in disrepair can be renovated and not need to end up in the landfill.

Sustainable Without Sacrificing Style

With Concrete Fusion’s wide variety of sustainable epoxy floor coatings there is no need to compromise on aesthetics. To assist you in achieving LEED points, we utilize up to 30% recycled content for our epoxy flooring. Our clients can choose chip and flakes, quartz, or solid colored options. No matter the finish your floor will look beautiful and always have a high-quality performance and finish.

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