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Lobby & Atrium Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Most industries buildings feature a lobby of some description. These areas are subjected to higher levels of foot-traffic than any other area of a building. Everybody has to pass through the lobby, so this is the ideal place to create that first impression.

Aesthetics, Safety & Convenience All in One

You only get one chance to create a first impression, so it’s important that your lobby creates the impression that you want. With the right flooring options, you can create an environment that is bright, decorative, pleasing to the eye, and yet a safe place to be at the same time.


Our floor options can offer you protection against the abrasion of heavy foot-traffic, slippery surfaces, and yet still present a surface that always looks clean and inviting. As well as this, our floors require little in the way of cleaning and maintaining, there’s no need for time consuming waxing and polishing, a quick and simple mopping will often suffice.

Conditions for Hotel and Office Building Floors

Lobby floors are exposed to wide variety of potentially damaging conditions. They need to be able to withstand daily foot-traffic, pointed shoes, wheelchairs, luggage carts, and a variety of other wear and tear. Concrete Fusion can offer flooring option to give you the protection against all these activities. You floor will remain undamaged with increased safety by taking advantage of our anti-slip optional protection. This is available in a varying degree of resistance, yet is still as easy to clean and maintain as any of our floor finishes.

Our floor can protect against:
  • Slips and falls with our anti-slip option
  • Heavy impacts even from pointed loads
  • Water resistance with our moisture repellent option
  • High levels of compression protection for vending machines, furniture etc.
  • High degree of abrasion resistance against both foot and vehicle traffic

Flooring Options to Suit Any Facility

We are confident that we can supply a floor to meet any requirement you need. Our floors meet all regulatory requirements and guidelines, and can help reduce health and safety risks. No matter what the shape or level of your floor surface, we are able to customize our flooring to meet your requirements.

Our customers can choose floor finishes with:

  • Optional Anti Microbial protection
  • The ability to create integral coves and curbs – along walls, support columns, mezzanine railings
  • Waterproofing underlayments for upper levels in atriums and lobbies
  • Ultra fast turnaround floors, with some floors being ready for furnishings in less than two hours of installation

Optional use of moisture vapor transmission (MVT) issues that may be emanating from underneath or within the concrete slab

To find out more about concrete floor finishes for Lobbies & Atriums,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request