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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Low Odor Flooring & Coatings

During the curing process, most high-performance resins and concrete floor systems exude an odor to some degree. This is true of even solvent-free and zero-VOC, formulas that contribute to LEED points. Usually, managing the airflow during the curing process is sufficient to reduce any odor to a minimum. However, we realize that sometimes this just isn’t an option for your business, so Concrete Fusion offer specialized low-odor flooring and coatings.

Types of Low Odor Concrete Floor Systems

We are able to use low-odor resin flooring for the majority of our concrete floor systems. This ensures that there is minimal compromise on the type of floor system you want. We can cater to your requirements and you can still obtain the high-quality finish, durability, strength, and design of floor.

The following types of flooring systems are available with a low-odor option:

• Coloured quartz blend

• Coloured chip blend

• Solid coloured

• Slip-resistant floors

• Custom colours, patterns, blends and company logos

• All our flooring systems meet CFIA requirements

• Optional HC-registered antimicrobial protection

• Moisture vapor mitigating flooring

Why Choose Low Odor Flooring & Coatings

Any industrial concrete flooring system, that is professionally installed, requires management of airflow. However, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. There may be no ventilation available, or restricted access making airflow management impossible without closing down the building. Obviously, this has a significant impact to business, and this is why we offer an alternative for a low-odor flooring solution.

By using a low-odor option on your flooring system, it will ensure that the impact to your business will be minimal. And, this option doesn’t restrict you from choosing the finish you want from the floor.

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