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Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Mitigation

Applying coating on cement that does not have the correct moisture content ends with bubbling, peeling and a top coat that delaminates. Some concretes can take months before the MVT level is adequate to apply coatings. Thanks to modern technology, and additional training, our installers can test moisture levels to ensure it is safe to install subsequent coatings. In fact, as of 2019 Concrete Fusion is one of the few certified MVT Certified Testers in Canada. Concrete specification, site conditions, and weather can all effect MVT levels.

Eliminate The Risk of MVT Damage

As the chemical reaction occurs and concrete hardens alkaline liquid works its way up through capilliary action. If the floor is sealed from a top coat and this drying process is still happening the expelled moisture has nowhere to go. When we work on commercial and industrial site’s the cement is often fresh and at risk of MVT damage.


Concrete Fusion offers a solution to this problem by having our technicians evaluate any moisture issues, and then recommend which flooring materials should be used for each particular environment. Our MVT mitigation flooring systems ensure that your new floor performs well and won’t be damaged from MVT. With the correct coating, your floor keeps its high-performance finish even if there is moisture present. Often times construction projects are under tight deadlines, schedules, and budgets. By completing floor installations while moisture is present Concrete Fusion helps complete projects on time and won’t damage the floor.

We recommend our MVT flooring solutions for these environments:
  • Healthcare clinics and hospitals
  • Grocery stores and retail outlets
  • Restaurants and hospitality venues
  • Beverage and food processing plants
  • Correctional facilities
  • Universities and schools
  • Construction projects with tight deadlines

By choosing the right MVT flooring system, you reduce any impact to your build schedule and business operations. We can install the floors without the cement is fully cured and deliver a finished project that won’t degrade as the MVT process occurs over time.

MVT Floors With Custom Designs and Coatings

Choosing an MVT flooring system doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design and aestetich choices or customize coatings. All our industrial and commercial products can include MVT mitigation coating with no effect on the finish.

Other admixtures might include:
  • Anti-slip option
  • Custom designs
  • Patterns
  • Logos
Our technical experts test your concrete slab and measure the moisture that is present.

Based on the specification of the cementitious material and installation date we can measure the MVT of your floor. Our team provides all the testing and deliver underlayments and top coats that will not be damaged from MVT while the cement cures.


To find out more information, or if you need help choosing what options are available for your floor, contact us today.

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