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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Moisture Vapor Control Flooring & Coatings

In recent years, we have learned a lot about MVT. In days gone by, contractors had to wait until new concrete had fully cured before installing further floor coatings. It was more with hope and lots of time consuming tests that any moisture had subsided, than the science of today. We now understand that some concrete can take months to reach a MVT level that is safe enough to apply a typical coating system. Site conditions, weather, and the environment can cause high moisture vapor transmission levels. A high buildup of alkaline liquid sits on top of the concrete floor. This is caused by a capillary action of the moisture working its way up through the concrete condensing in a high-value PH.

MVT Mitigation

Concrete Fusion can offer a solution to this problem. Our technicians can evaluate any potential moisture issues, and then recommend which flooring materials should be used for each particular environment. Our MVT mitigation flooring systems ensure that your new floor keeps its high-performance finish even if there is moisture in the environment. We recommend our MVT flooring solution for a variety of environments:

• Healthcare clinics and hospitals

• Grocery stores and retail outlets

• Restaurants and hospitality venues

• Beverage and food processing plants

• Correctional facilities

• Universities and schools

• Manufacturing and warehouse locations

By choosing the right MVT flooring system, you will reduce any impact to your business due to repairs needing to be completed from damage by MVT

Unlimited Selection and Value

Choosing a MVT flooring system doesn’t mean you have to compromise on choice or quality of your floor. All our industrial and commercial products can come with MVT mitigation with no effect on the finish:

• Anti-slip option

• Custom designs

• Patterns

• Logos

Our technical experts will share the information that they gather from examining your environment. They will then recommend the optimal MVT mitigating underlayment that best suits your requirements.

To find out more, or to get help in choosing what options there are for your floor, contact us today.