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Moisture Vapor Mitigating Floor Coatings & Systems

Problems with moisture are often topics of conversation in construction, in particular when discussing slab-on-grade flooring. One of the biggest challenges for designers, contractors, and owners of industrial and commercial properties is moisture vapor transmission (MVT).
Moisture Vapor Mitigating Floor Coatings

What is MVT?

In recent years, we have learned a lot about MVT. In days gone by, contractors had to wait until new concrete had fully cured before installing further floor coatings. It was more with hope and lots of time consuming tests that any moisture had subsided, than the science of today. We now understand that some concrete can take months to to reach a MVT level that is safe enough to apply a typical coating system. Site conditions, weather, and the environment can cause high moisture vapor transmission levels. A high buildup of alkaline liquid sits on top of the concrete floor. This is caused by a capillary action of the moisture working its way up through the concrete condensing in a high-value ph.

What Moisture Vapor Mitigating Floor Coatings Do You Need?

Concrete Fusion can quickly carry out tests to determine any MVT and humidity level. The result of these tests will determine which of our products will give you the best results and be the most economical. Benefits include:

• Concrete Fusion carry one of the most extensive lines available

• MVT protection can be included in almost all of our high-performance products

• Coatings that are fast curing, low odor, and moisture vapor mitigating

• Available in high decoration, or plain to suit any design preferences

• Select from highly decorative or utilitarian aesthetics

• Available in a range of anti-slip finishes

• Meets CFIA requirements for food facilities

• HC registered antimicrobial protection available

Reliability, Selection and MVT Flooring Value

We are so confident in our staff and products that we are happy to offer a full guarantee with all our MVT work. Whether it’s commercial or industrial, or it’s plain or highly decorative, then we have the skill and product to suit your requirement.