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Parking Garage Floor Coating Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Parking garages often need to be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any closure time not only affects income levels, but incurs customer dissatisfaction as they need to find alternative parking. Any closure time can lead to customers finding new places to park. Concrete Fusion can offer a wide range of floor systems that have a fast curing time. This ensures that any closure is kept to the minimum time possible.

Using Concrete Finishes for Parking Garage Flooring Solutions

One of the problems facing garage owners is keeping an area well-lit for their patrons. We have a range of floor finishes that are highly light reflective that can help reduce power consumption for lighting, while providing a safe, bright environment for your customers.

As well as lighting, garages need a high amount of zonal markings on their surfaces, and using the wrong type can cause areas that are slippery when wet. By choosing one of our specially designed finishes, we can ensure that your walkways, parking bays, even directional messages are incorporated into the floor surface with anti-slip properties and so ensure customer safety.

Challenges for Parking Garage Floors

No two garages are the same, whether it’s the shape, size, or environment, there’s always something that is different. Garage owners are looking for a surface that is long lasting, resistant to heavy vehicle usage, safe, and still offers a pleasant environment.

There are numerous elements that can damage an incorrectly protected garage floor:
  • Fuels and oils
  • Tire stains
  • Freeze/ thaw
  • Chlorides and carbonation
  • Acid rain and other pollutants
  • Snow, ice or hail
  • Street salt
  • Water intrusion

Our high-performance garage floor systems will offer the protection you need against all of these potentially damaging elements.

Epoxy Floor Coating Benefits

Concrete Fusion stocks one of the biggest lines of floor coatings on the market today. The floor systems that we recommend for garage parking has been specially designed to offer the protection you need against the heavy daily wear and tear, safety for your customers, and is available in highly attractive finishes.


To find out what options are available for your flooring requirements, call our expert staff today. Our technicians are able to work with you to design a floor that offers the protection you need, and is finished in a design that complements your business identity.

Our flooring offers many different kinds of protection:

  • Waterproof underlayment – protecting your floor against the elements
  • Durable strength – able to carry the weight of even the heaviest of vehicles
  • Abrasion resistant – able to withstand daily, high foot and vehicle volumes.
  • Anti-slip finishes – offering protection for your customers
  • UV and weather resistance – ensuring no degradation of the finish of your floor
  • Fast curing finishes – enabling quick installations and repairs
  • Endless variety in colouring – allowing for different colours for different floor levels
  • Customized design finishes – enabling non-slip bay marking, directional and health and safety messages, and company logos all incorporated into the floor surface.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes for Parking Garages,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request