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Police Station Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Police stations offer protection and comfort to the communities that they serve. By installing our floor systems, you can offer the staff of these stations the protection to enable them to deliver the best possible service to those communities.

Areas for Police Station Epoxy Flooring

The different types of activity that are carried out within a police station are exceedingly wide ranging. Community funded facilities are now expected to not only service their direct purpose, but also provide an environment that is pleasant to look at, and still as economical as possible.

Concrete Fusion can offer floor systems that offer the right protection for a wide range of functions:
  • Operations rooms, including highly frequented walk-up window areas
  • Armory and weapons storage rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Evidence rooms
  • Prisoner housing (holding rooms and prison cells)
  • Dispatch/communications equipment spaces
  • Offices and cubicles
  • Lounge areas
  • Locker rooms and changing facilities
  • Bathroom and shower areas

Benefits of Epoxy Floors Finishes

Police stations are in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that they are subject to extreme levels of foot-traffic. Our floor systems can offer excellent value for money for these public funded facilities as they can provide the exact protection needed to the specific areas where they are required.

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    Some of the benefits of installing a Concrete Fusion floor system for a police station are:
    • Antimicrobial protection means providing a safe sanitized area
    • Seamless floor to cove surface helps with keeping the floor clean and safe
    • Resistance against abrasion and scratches ensures that the floor surface is undamaged
    • Easily cleaned and maintained with resistance to even the harshest of cleaning products
    • Optional electrostatic dissipative flooring gives protection to sensitive equipment and staff
    • Varying degree of anti-slip surfaces for added health and safety
    • Clear defined areas for walkways and zones that can also incorporate directional or safety messages

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