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Prison Cell Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

There are specific health and safety requirements for prison cells, whether they are for correctional facilities or police holding cells. Concrete Fusion can offer flooring system options that can provide the protection you need along with the safety aspects required.

Safety for Prison Cell Floors

Many types of flooring are insecure, and can be easily damaged, or worse. It could be fashioned into a makeshift weapon presenting a threat to other prisoners and staff. Our floor systems are bonded to the concrete substrate making it almost impossible to damage. Offering no joints, our seamless floors can have additional impact resistant properties added to give you ultimate protection against damage.

Pathogen Control and Exceptional Sanitation

With the current overcrowding problems facing most correctional facilities today, maintaining a high level of hygiene is getting harder for those in charge of these facilities. Our floor systems can help with this, we can offer an additional protection against bacteria and germs with our antimicrobial flooring.

This flooring option offers:
  • Resistance to absorption of urine and other bodily fluids
  • Seamless surfaces are easy to disinfect and sanitize
  • Chemical resistance to harsh cleaners and solvents
  • Antimicrobial protection options throughout the depth of the floor
  • Floor-to-wall cove bases that reduce corners where moisture and microbes tend to gather

Other Health and Safety Features for Prison Cell Floors

Concrete Fusion can offer a wide variety of additional protection for your flooring. We have options that can include anti-slip, impact resistant, and protection against spilled water and other fluids. Despite the added protection, these floor systems are as just as easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they keep their high performance look and protection for many years.

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Installation Speed & Convenience

Being able to install or repair a floor with minimal disruption is something we are proud to offer at Concrete Fusion:

  • Ultra-fast curing options—Staff can enter or furnishings can be brought into the space only two hours after installation certain floor systems.
  • Low to no odor options—Our prison cell flooring reduces the need to evacuate inmate inhabitants during flooring installation in nearby cells.
  • Easy repair systems—Prison facilities can choose resin options that require no abrasion of existing surface prior to repair or re-coating of jail cell floor.
  • Many additional options—We offer moisture tolerant floors and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) mitigating systems, as well as waterproof flooring for multiple level cell blocks.
  • Zero formaldehyde formulas — Concrete Fusion floors do not “outgas” after full cure. They also have low emissions installation and are LEED point contributing.
Calming Colors for Prison Cell Floors

Protection and hygiene are not the only considerations for flooring in a correctional facility. It is important that the environment has a calming influence. Our floor systems are available in an almost endless variety of colours, textures, and finishes. Colours can be from solid to multi-faceted by making use of different aggregates and makeup of the floor.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in prison cells,

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