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Public Restroom Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Public restrooms are situated in every public building, and are often situated in awkward, out of the way places. The public and staff often get their impression of a company by how good their bathrooms are. An ideal bathroom needs to be clean, safe, and offer a pleasant environment. Concrete Fusion can offer a wide range of floor systems that will accomplish all of this, and more.

Commercial Floors for High Performance and Outstanding Durability

Our bathroom floor systems offer the right protection to avoid damage, are able to be kept clean with little effort, and are finished in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

With our flooring you can have:
  • A seamless cove to floor surface that has no cracks or joins for dirt to build up in
  • Anti-slip surfaces that are safe to walk on, even when wet
  • Have built in antimicrobial properties to repel germs and bacteria
  • Abrasion resistant to high levels of foot-traffic
  • Can withstand even the harshest cleaning products and methods
  • Resistant to accidental spillages that may occur in bathrooms, so assisting easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance with no waxing or polishing required. Often, a simple mopping is sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene
  • Comply with all health and safety regulations and guidelines

Restroom Flooring for Multiple Locations

Restrooms can be found in a wide variety of environments, each of which has its own specific requirements.

Concrete Fusion has installed floors for:
  • Manufacturing plants —Floor coatings must be resistant to any soil, grease or chemicals deposited from workers’ shoes onto restroom floors.
  • Healthcare facilities—For this type of environment, infection control is critical and flooring must be able to withstand severe sanitation protocols.
  • Food handling facilities—In areas where cooks handle and cook food, pathogen control is crucial. Flooring must also be able to withstand the grease, oils, sugar, acids and other substances that may be present on employees’ shoes.
  • Schools, universities, stadiums, theaters, public buildings and other areas—Seamless resinous floors can provide better protection from vandalism, compared to many other options. Vinyl tile or sheets, as well as many laminated floor finishes, are more vulnerable to damage from sharp objects and typically do not stand up well to graffiti-removal chemicals. Concrete Fusion’s commercial floor coatings withstand these conditions more effectively.

Contact our friendly, expert staff today to find out how we can help you create that great first impression, and help save you money at the same time.

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Durable Bathroom Floor Coverings

The floors that we recommend for use in a bathroom environment have been specially designed to incorporate all the protection you might need. Our floors are long lasting and durable and can withstand high volumes of daily activities with little or no degradation. Due to the built-in protection of our floor systems, any accidents or spillages will simply sit on top of the floor surface and be able to be cleaned quickly and easily. Even products such as cologne, lotions, and other personal hygiene items that can have high concentrations of chemicals and oils will have no effect on our floors.

Clean, Professional Commercial Floor Aesthetics

How your bathroom looks will create a lasting impression on a visitor. People often decide on the professionalism of a company based on their experience of using their bathrooms. Our floor systems not only offer the protection you need to ensure a long lasting surface, but can be customized to incorporate your business personality into its design.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes for Public Restrooms,

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