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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Puncture Resistant Flooring & Coatings

With over 10 years installing and repairing concrete floors in commercial and industrial environments, we have seen what damage can be caused to floors by not having the correct finish. It only takes a single puncture to the floor coating to go on to cause extensive damage. Our resin and other coatings will give you lasting protection against impact and abrasion damage, ensuring your floor looks as good as possible for years to come.

Maintain a Hygienic Facility

As well as looking ugly, a damaged floor can be a hygiene hazard. Bacteria, germs, and mold thrive in the cracks and holes on a damaged floor. And often, the stronger cleaning product you use, the worse the problem will become as these products further damage the integrity of the floor surface. Concrete Fusion can offer a puncture resistant epoxy or other resinous floor coating that will continue to offer protection for years. Our industrial-strength surface will maintain its integrity even under the high pressure of stiletto heels, or spiked athletic shoes.

A by-product of these flooring systems is that they will also offer protection against abrasion and even chemical spillages. And, of course, as with all our floors, they meet CFIA requirements and give you the option of antimicrobial protection.

Retaining Your Floor's Value

Unless you have chosen to install a puncture resistant floor coating, then your floor always has the potential to be damaged by dropped tools or sharp instruments. Once your floor is damaged it can be extremely costly to put right. Our puncture resistant epoxy flooring and coating can offer you the protection against that damage.

Some of the environments we have installed puncture resistant flooring systems in include:

• Hospitals, clinics and laboratories

• Restaurants, hospitality and public venues

• Schools and athletic clubs

• Grocery and retail stores

• Food and beverage processing plants

• Manufacturing operations

• Vehicle and aviation maintenance facilities