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Time is always of essence to business, and often the installation of a new floor costs just as much from the time a business is closed as the floor itself. Concrete Fusion offers a quick cure solution to this problem. These coatings and floorings are designed to have an accelerated curing time, and so minimize the time for installation. This means that in some cases they can be ready for foot traffic within a few hours of being applied.

Speed and Durability

Taking advantage of our quick curing flooring option doesn’t mean that you can’t still have the strength and durability of a normal floor from us. This option can be used in conjunction with our anti-slip, impact resistant, and chemical resistant floor choices.


Again, choosing to use a quick cure option doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the high-quality look of your floor. This option can be used on most of our other finishes, so you can still have that beautifully designed look to your floor, and sometimes nobody will know when you had it done.

Working within Your Time Frame

We are always happy to work with our customers with regards to scheduling work. Taking advantage of the quick curing properties, we can often complete an installation within a single day. This obviously depends on the size and condition of where the floor needs to be installed. If needed, we can break our installation into discrete parts, and complete a job over several days timed when your business is closed, or during a slow time.


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