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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Ramp Flooring

Ramp Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Whether it’s for a car park, factory, warehouse, or any other facility, flooring for ramps requires a specialist design. It needs to be both extremely durable against high volumes of foot or vehicle traffic, and offer slip resistance, even in the wet.

Benefits of Epoxy Loading Ramp Flooring

Our ranges of floor finishes offer such benefits as:

• Appropriate viscosity for proper installation on sloped surfaces

• Meeting ADA requirements for Slip Reducing Coatings

• Broad selection to seamlessly meet up with and match adjacent floor surfaces

Concrete Fusion can also customize your floor to any design:

• Decorative ramp flooring for light industrial floors and pedestrian walkways

• Chemical and solvent resistant ramp floors for specific production areas

• Aggregate-filled, heavy-duty ramp flooring for loading docks and heavy industry

• Skid-resistant finishes installed in accordance with facility manager’s requirements

Epoxy Coatings for Slip-Resistance and Easy Cleanability

Our floors can accommodate a varying degree of anti-slip resistance depending on what your requirements are. As with all our floor systems, anti-slip floor finishes are easy to clean and maintain. There is no need for waxing or polishing, often a simple mopping with suffice to keep the floor clean and safe.

Concrete Ramp Flooring Installed to Specs

In addition to the anti-slip properties of our floor systems, there are many additional types of protection that can be incorporated:

• Moisture vapor transmission (MVT) control

• Bacteria-free and fungistatic protection

• Thermal shock and thermal cycling resistance

• Steam-cleanable floor finishes

• Exceptional acid and alkali resistance