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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Self Leveling Concrete

There are two ways of using Self-Leveling Concrete: underlay and overlay. This type of concrete is extremely versatile and very strong. Using this can ensure your floor is smooth, flat, stable and more water resistant.


If your floor is uneven, has grooves, or is heavily pitted, then by using underlayment a finish can be created that is ready for any further floor covering. It’s possible to use underlayment from feather edge to 2 inches thickness.


There are different types of overlayment that can be applied from feather edge to up to 3 inches in depth. The finished surface can be polished, colored, or epoxied as required. As certified installers of Ardex self-leveling products, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the surface finish you want.


A smooth concrete floor is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about creating a surface that is stronger and uniform in order to provide a surface that is ready for a final finish. During preparation, self-leveling concrete can be colored with dyes, or mixed with aggregate so when it’s complete other finishes can be applied.

Self Leveling Concrete