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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Shop Room Flooring

Shop Room Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

“Shop” classroom floors generally receive a higher level of punishment that normal ones. Whether it’s a mechanical environment or somewhere that houses laser-cutting machinery, or even a chemical laboratory, our floors can offer the protection against accidental damage.

Special Epoxy Floor Coating Options

As well as our extra hard-wearing flooring, we can also offer floor systems that include electrostatic dissipative (ESD) qualities. These floors are ideal for electronic environments where an unwanted static discharge can damage both people and equipment. These floors can also been combined with our other protection qualities, such as anti-slip. If required, we can incorporate zonal markings, walkways, even health and safety messages into the floor surface.

Great Looking Shop Room Floors over Time

Educational facilities have to be able to offer protection against a multitude of functions, but there is no need to compromise on how good your floor can look. Concrete Fusion can offer flooring solutions that offer all the protection you could want, and allow you free reign over how the finished floor looks.

Extra-Hard Wearing Epoxy Floors

Concrete Fusion offers floor systems that can protect your environment against a wide variety of damage:

  • Resistant to high impacts from heavy objects
  • Resistance against abrasion from dragging machinery
  • Heat resistant options
  • Chemical resistance against oils, fuels, solvents, and even acids