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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring & Coatings

Most industrial and commercial properties choose a slip resistant floor coating, if even for a discrete area within the floor itself. Concrete Fusion can offer a full range of anti-slip floor finishes, ranging from a mild finish to something very coarse.

Whether it’s protection against plain water, or oils and fuels, then our range of textures can be adjusted to suit provide you with the right measure of anti-slip you need.

Some of the facility types in which slip resistant flooring and coatings are particular critical include:

• Hospitals and clinics

• Food and beverage processing plants

• Retail and grocery stores

• Restaurants, hotels, casinos and other hospitality locations

• Aviation and aerospace hangars

• Airports and other transport terminals

• Vehicle maintenance bays

• Schools and universities

• Manufacturing, assembly and packaging operations

• Veterinary and animal facilities

• Correctional facilities and penitentiaries

• Laboratories and pharmaceutical production facilities

• Electronics, semi-conductor and avionics facilities

There really isn’t anywhere we can’t install anti-slip flooring. So, if this is something that you think you might need then contact us today for more information and advice.

Balancing Practicality & Looks with Concrete Fusion’s Industrial Concrete Floor Systems

Even if you need anti-slip surfaces on your floor, you still want your floor to look good. We can incorporate anti-slip surfaces without impacting the aesthetics of your floor. Whether you are looking for a solid colour or a highly decorative look, we can deliver both the protection and performance that you require.

Our anti-slip resins and coating are designed so that they are easy to clean and maintain, and we can accommodate all types of cleaning routines from a simple mop through to steam cleaning and scrubbing.

Some of the benefits of using our anti-slip resins and other coatings include:

• All our floors meet CFIA requirements

• Contribution to LEED points

• Optional antimicrobial protection

• High resistance to chemicals and abrasions

• Durable and long life

• Choice of high gloss or satin finishes

• Protection against heavy foot and vehicle traffic (either rubber or steel, with correct topcoat)

• Large variety of standard and custom colours available, including chip and quartz blends

• Optional organizational logos, striping and marking

Irrespective of your industry, we can provide slip-resistant flooring solutions helping you to prevent dangerous slips, trips and skids.