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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Special Aesthetics for Flooring

With Concrete Fusion’s products, there’s no need to compromise between high-performance floors that give protection and floors that are beautiful to look at. We have a large variety of floor and coating systems that we are able to customize to your exact requirements. Whether it’s a need for protection against heavy foot traffic, or chemical spillage we can supply a finished floor that is strong, durable, beautiful, and meets your unique requirements.

Abstract Designs

Almost every floor is unique in some way, whether that’s because of its protection requirements, or its finish. In addition, Concrete Fusion is able supply you with a floor that is truly unique to you. We can help to bring your design to life by using our products to create your company logo, utilitarian or abstract patterns.

Logos and More

Our technical staff have many years of experience in creating customer logos, unique designs, and even messages incorporated into floor systems. These unique designs come with all the benefits as the rest of your floor in being protected against hazards such as heavy traffic or impacts.

Safe, Durable Finishes

Irrespective of the design of your floor, all of our products have a safe and durable finish. Being easy to clean and maintain, our custom epoxy blends and other coatings are hygienic and long lasting. And, incorporating the exact protection you need they have high durability making them remain to look good for many years to come.

For further information on how to get the protection you need in a floor that looks good, contact our expert friendly staff today.