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Stadium & Arena Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Concrete Fusion has an appreciation of how a flooring system makes you feel when you walk on it. Environments that offer entertainment need to be conducive to the feel-good factor. However, these floors also need to be able to offer protection against a wide range of activities that could potentially damage them.

Stadium and Arena Flooring as an Attractive Revenue Builder

Stadiums and arenas represent a considerable investment, and are often the center point for towns and cities. The beauty of Concrete Fusion’s fast curing epoxy flooring is that it can be applied on top of an existing floor quickly and economically. This enables the stadium owner to adapt the look and feel of a venue to whatever event is to take place, such as re-branding flooring in a certain team’s colours.

Winning Installation Speed in All Weather

Concrete Fusion has choices of flooring for both indoor and outdoor environments. These floor systems are capable of withstanding a wide variety of uses with no reduction to their beautiful finish. If your environment is in constant use, and you can’t afford any downtime, then our fast-curing floors can be installed and ready for use in two hours.

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The Many Ways to Be Green with Epoxy Floors

Concrete Fusion’s very low or zero V.O.C. installation, and zero formaldehyde resins delivers a low-impact to the environment solution for all of your protection requirements.

Our stadium and arena floor systems enjoy the benefit of other Green characteristics:
  • Recycled content Eco-Blend aggregates are available.
  • Soy-based resin products are part of our hybrid floors.
  • Concrete Fusion resurfacers can often be used to refurbish existing concrete, eliminating the need for slab replacement—and help avoid adding to landfills.
  • Our long-lived floors outlast the usable life of many other floor covering alternatives, requiring less frequent replacement.
  • Concrete Fusion fluid-applied flooring installation produces no cut-off waste like rolled rubber and other options.
  • Floors can contribute to CGBC LEED points.
Our specialized floor systems can assist with:
  • Economical fast turnaround installation—reduces cost of labor and potential construction delays
  • Outstanding durability—can help conserve funds through the life of bond issue and investor repayment
  • Easy, economical maintenance—no waxing and no buffing are required, saving on custodial time, training needs and labor

Whether you are renovating an existing stadium or arena, or installing a new one, the end result has a massive impact to the community. These kinds of environments always have the financial impact high on the agenda.

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