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Stairwell Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Concrete Fusion can offer a wide range of floor systems that have specially designed for stairwells. Different industries need different protection for their stairwells, and we are confident that we can offer a floor solution to suit your facility.

Stair Covering Features

Despite having a single function, stairwells need to have multiple levels of protection and qualities in order to offer a safe, clean, pleasant environment.

 A well designed stairwell needs to offer:
  • An anti-slip surface to mitigate any danger from slips and falls, even in the wet
  • Strong resistance to abrasion caused by high volumes of foot-traffic
  • Protection against any fluids, chemicals, or solvents that may be walked through from another environment
  • Low maintenance in that it is quick and easy to clean and repair

Protection isn’t the only option when choosing one of our floors. Our expert staff can work with you to incorporate any design you wish to create. We are able to offer finishes in an unlimited variety of colours, different textures, and even incorporate company logos, patterns, and messages within the floor surface.

Options for Finished Concrete Stairs

Concrete Fusion understands that inaccessible stairwells mean that potentially a building is out of use. We are able to offer a range of fast curing finishes that will ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum. Our expert staff have many decades of experience between them, they have installed and repaired stairwells in a wide variety of environments. Our staff can work with your managers and architects to ensure that you receive the floor that not only offers the protection you need, but is also a pleasant environment to use.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Stairwells,

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