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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Static Control Epoxy Flooring & Coatings

If your environment has active electronic equipment, or volatile components and substances that are sensitive to electro-static discharge (ESD), the Concrete Fusion has the solution to your flooring requirements.

Standard resin floor coatings offer little protection against ESD. We have a specially designed product that allows for safe dissipation of electro-static discharges.

Part of a Facility-Wide Program

Even with other protection in place, such as clothing, tools etc. movement of people, equipment, or materials can still create static electricity. Our static-control flooring systems have a proven track record in providing additional protection against ESD. Some of the industries that have chosen our flooring for their protection are:

• Automotive manufacturing

• Semi-conductor production

• High-tech electronics

• Aerospace and avionics

• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

• Medical equipment manufacturing

• Hospital and healthcare facilities

• Laser and optical systems

• Computer rooms

• Oil and chemical production

• Munitions and fireworks

• Cosmetics manufacturing

• Powdered foodstuffs production

More than Just ESD or Conductive Flooring

Our product lines include both ESD and conductive components to ensure that your floor gives you maximum protection against a variety of electro-static discharge issues. These floor systems are specifically designed to provide consistent protection over time, and are manufactured in accordance with ESD Association guidelines.

When choosing one of our ESD or Conductive floor systems, you don’t just get that protection, you get so much more. As with all our flooring solutions, you get a floor that is:

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Hard wearing and durable

• Highly chemical, solvent and stain resistant

• Optional anti-slip coatings

• Heavy traffic and impact resistant

Our floor systems not only offer the protection you need, but are durable and long lasting, and are all finished to a high degree leaving them looking beautiful for years to come.