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Theater & Auditorium Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Floors in theaters and auditoriums come in all shapes and designs, but one thing they have in common is high volumes of foot-traffic concentrated in key areas. These floors are also often subjected to a lot of spillages from the public, which can be difficult to clean. Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that have been designed to withstand the daily rigors of a theater or auditorium.

Flooring for Seating Areas

Whether you require flooring for high-value boxes, or for the stalls, you need a floor that is resistant against spillages, and high volumes of foot-traffic. Concrete fusion has a wide range of flooring that can help you. Our floor systems can be adapted to allow for easy access in difficult areas for wheelchair friendly flooring.

Flooring for the Wings

Flooring for the non-public areas of a theater or auditorium needs to be durable and resistant to props being wheeled or dragged across it. Our floor systems can offer high abrasion and impact resistance, along with anti-slip surfaces that allow for work to carry on in a safe environment.

Movie Theater Flooring

With multiple daily showings, movie theaters tend to have much higher volumes of traffic. And, they also have to endure much higher levels of spillages from refreshments that have potentially damaging properties. Our range of floor systems can offer the protection you need against these spillages, and are also resistant against the harsh chemical cleaning products and methods that are required to keep the floor clean and safe.

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