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Thermal Shock Concrete Coating Systems

Extremely quick changes in temperature cause materials to expand and contract. If your facility works with products that deal with extreme temperatures then Concrete Fusion has the product to deliver all your needs. Extreme temperature changes cause rapid expansion or contraction which can lead to cracks in your floor and potential safety hazards. Concrete Fusion has flooring systems that minimize the damage and risk to your facilities flooring. Our ultra-high-performance coatings ensure your floor looks brilliant for years regardless of what you can throw at it.

Protecting The Investment In Your Floor

It’s not unusual to see older concrete floors that have cracks or uneven surfaces. With newer epoxy resins supplied by Concrete Fusion, you’ll never see a crack or uneven flooring system. Our thermal resistance flooring can incorporate other coatings like antimicrobial and chemical resistance too. Companies that work with industrial ovens and reactive chemicals would benefit from hiring us. Our floors require very little maintenance and are easy to clean which improves productivity and reduces overhead.

Lasting Floors in Harsh Environments

Environments that require steam-cleaning, or experience rapid temperature changes, then normal flooring won’t be adequate and will develop cracks and damage. These problems reduce worker safety by creating uneven surfaces and tripping hazards. Not to mention any downtime that results from maintenance and repairs. Our thermal shock resistant floors offer you protection and ensure that these damages don’t occur in your facility.

Some of the businesses we have installed are thermal shock resistant flooring include:
  • Restaurant and commercial kitchens
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Meat and poultry processing
  • Dairy production and packaging
  • Commercial bakeries
  • Industrial freezer and cold storage facilities
  • Low temperature technology and manufacturing

Our team travels from Ottawa and in Eastern Ontario. Our sales team can deliver thermal resistant floors that remain intact and looking good for years after they are installed. Concrete Fusion delivers projects on time and on budget. We renovate, retrofit, repair and work with contractors on new builds too. Call out professional estimators and get a floor that matches your exact specification today.

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