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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Thermal Shock Resistant Flooring & Coatings

Worry-Free Durability

Changes in temperature cause most materials to expand and contract, and that includes floors. It’s not a problem if the floor and the surrounding environment change at the same time, but when the floor surface expands at a different rate than the concrete sub-floor then that’s when problems happen. The result can be cracks, bubbles, disbondment, or other surface damage. Concrete Fusion has a flooring system that will minimize the risk of this happening. Our ultra, high-performance thermal shock floor systems will ensure that your floor surface remains as good as ever whatever the temperature change.

Matchless Floor Value

It’s not unusual to see concrete floors that have cracks or disfigurement on their surface, but you’ll never see it on one of our seamless thermal shock resistant floor systems. These floor systems can come with optional anti-slip, and antimicrobial and chemical resistance built into them. This option of flooring is perfect for environments that are subject to fast, high temperature changes, such as below industrial or commercial ovens. As with all our floor systems, they are easy to clean and maintain, and will ensure your floor is kept clean and looking as good as they day they were installed.

Lasting Quality in Harsh Environments

For environments that require steam-cleaning, or experience rapid temperature changes, then normal flooring will soon degrade, requiring expensive repair or replacement. Our thermal shock resistant floor system offers protection that will ensure that this sort of abuse has little effect to your investment.

Some of the businesses we have installed are thermal shock resistant flooring include:

• Restaurant and commercial kitchens

• Food and beverage plants

• Meat and poultry processing

• Dairy production and packaging

• Commercial bakeries

• Industrial freezer and cold storage facilities

• Low temperature technology and manufacturing