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Waiting Rooms & Reception Area Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Waiting rooms and receptions are often where customers have their first impression of your company. It’s important for your business that this impression is a good one. Concrete Fusion can help you create that great first impression with our wide range of high –performance floor systems. But it’s not only aesthetics that are important for these areas, they also need to be safe to use. Receptions and waiting rooms tend to experience high volumes of foot-traffic, and are sometimes open to the elements. Our floor systems can offer protection against the daily wear and tear that you reception or waiting room receives. Whether it’s for a hotel, or public building, we have the floor options that will suit your requirements.

Customizable Flooring for Reception Areas and Waiting Rooms

One of our most popular floor finishes for waiting rooms and reception areas is our metallic flooring option. This finish projects an elegant impression with its highly polished look. However, there’s no polishing, or waxing needed to keep our floors looking as good as they do. In addition, they can also incorporate a varying degree of slip resistance to ensure the safety of your visitors.


If a metallic finish isn’t for you, then we have an almost endless variety of other finishes that can all be customized to the look and feel of the floor you want. We have an infinite range of colour options to choose from, ranging from solids to multi-faceted. We can use a mixture of quartz or glass to give that glistening look. Our floor s can also incorporate any company logo, pattern, or message into the surface to help harmonize you identity throughout the building.

Floor Coatings Designed with Durability and Safety in Mind

Within commercial environments, concrete staining and polishing quickly wears away, leaving a floor surface open to be damaged. Theses finishes often do not offer any anti-slip resistance, which can also lead to increased health and safety risks. Contact our expert, friendly staff today to find out how to get the floor you want that gives you high-performance, durability, safety, and high degree of aesthetics, all at a cost that offers great value for money.

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