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Warehouse & Storage Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Warehouse and storage facilities often need to endure high volumes of both foot and vehicle traffic. Heavy forklifts, packages being dragged across a floor, and dropped equipment and packages are just some of the activities that can severely damage an unprotected floor. Our concrete floor systems can offer you protection against all these activities, and much more.

Special Industrial Floor Coverings

Warehouses can be used to store and move a wide variety of items:
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Explosive materials
  • Sensitive electronics
  • Liquids and oils
  • Medical supplies
  • Food and drink
Concrete Fusion has floor systems that have been specially designed to offer protection against any of these products being spilled or dropped.

Our floors are resistant to the strongest of chemicals, solvents, and other liquids or oils. We can offer an anti-microbial floor coating to reduce the risk of unwanted germs and bacteria, these floors are CFIA compliant. We can install a floor with optional protection against static discharges to ensure your sensitive equipment can be safely stored.


For warehouses that operate in a damp or wet environment, we can offer floor systems with built-in waterproofing. We can even offer flooring solutions that can cope with extreme temperatures that are ideal for refrigeration facilities.

All of our floors offer low maintenance, with quick and easy cleaning.

There’s no need for time-consuming waxing or polishing with our flooring, often a simple mopping will suffice. Our fast curing options can allow for quick installation or repair, and so ensure low levels of downtime.


To find out which flooring solution you need for your facility, contact our friendly, expert staff today. Our technical staff can work with you to ensure that the floor you choose will offer the right protection you need. We can also work with you to ensure that the design of your floor fits into your company identity with our vast range of decorative finishing options.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Warehouses & Storage Facilities,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request