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Concrete Fusion offers waterproof epoxy flooring for your concrete floor. We deliver the best service for all of your flooring needs.


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Epoxy flooring helps you avoid costly and time-consuming repairs for problems caused by standing water by incorporating protection for your concrete slab with a top epoxy coating. With our floors, water can be left to evaporate with no damage to your floor – however, we would design a system that has wall covings and slope the floors towards drains so that floors dry as fast as possible.

Waterproof Epoxy Flooring


Our waterproof floor systems can handle almost any amount of liquid from spills, whether it is water or other solvents. Continuous hosings and frequent washdowns don’t damage our floors and remain strong and durable while looking great too.

We have installed waterproof epoxy flooring systems in:
  • Fast food restaurants in shopping malls and sports arenas
  • Hotel spas and pool decks
  • Locker rooms, communal showers and restrooms
  • Food and beverage production or packaging
  • Commercial and institutional kitchens
  • Chemical and other manufacturing plants
  • Industrial mezzanines

Options Available With Concrete Coated Flooring

Requiring waterproof floors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other elements. Our floor can be customized to include anti-microbial coatings, anti-slip coatings and other elements that your facility requires. With Concrete Fusion you get a floor that delivers to your exact specifications and requirements.

The Expense of Water Damage

The flowing nature of water means that it can be costly to fix. Once the liquid is exposed to concrete it can cause further damage. Even worse bacteria and mold can begin to grow which can cause health and safety concerns. This kind of damage is expensive to repair and should be avoided if your facility works with water or requires washdowns.


Concrete Fusion designs an area that is sensible in dealing with water and handling it. Wall coving can be installed which makes cleaning far easier requiring a hose and cleaning solvents. We use a self-leveling screed to slope floors towards drains so standing water only stands for a short time. Lastly out epoxy topcoat can withstand standing water so you can rest assured that exposure to water is not going to damage your floor.

Unpredictable Accidents

Even if your environment isn’t exposed to liquids, there are always risks involved with your facility. A burst water pipe or leaking roof can expose your facility to unforeseen water damage. Even our most basic coating offer some level of water-proofing so you are protected. For a full waterproof we would need to design wall coving, sloped drains and use an epoxy flooring designed to withstand standing water.


For more information about our waterproof epoxy systems call of expert customer service team today. Our sale staff can provide free quotes and bid on jobs in Ottawa and all of Eastern Ontario. Concrete Fusion’s installation team can travel and work overnights so downtime is minimized, deadlines are met and budgets remain intact. Call us today.

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