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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Waterproof Epoxy Flooring & Coatings

Unwanted water can be a problem for any business, but if your floor doesn’t have the proper protection, you could be facing expensive and time-consuming repairs, or even replacement. Concrete Fusion can offer you the protection against these problems with their waterproof epoxy floor systems.

Applications in Every Market

Our waterproof flor systems can cope with almost any amount of spillages, whether that is water or other liquids. Even if you are continuously hosing down your floor with water or chemical cleaner, our floors with remain as strong and durable as ever.

Some of the environments that have benefited from our waterproof epoxy floor systems are:

• Fast food restaurants in shopping malls and sports arenas

• Hotel spas and pool decks

• Locker rooms, communal showers and restrooms

• Food and beverage production or packaging

• Commercial and institutional kitchens

• Chemical and other manufacturing plants

• Industrial mezzanines

Optional with Any Concrete Fusion System

Just because you need the protection of waterproof flooring doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the other components that make up your floor. Concrete Fusion can offer you an elastomeric waterproof underlayment that can be used in conjunction with any of our other floor systems. So, you can still benefit from our anti-slip and abrasion resistant covering, as well as have the full choice of finishes to your floor.

The Expense of Water Damage

If there is any damage to your floor, then you can be certain that that is where liquids will settle. Once liquids find their way into cracks or exposed concrete then they start to create further damage. Bacteria and mold can start to grow, cracks can become worsened, and there could even be seepage right through the floor into a basement or sub-floor. The results can mean an expensive repair, or even complete replacement to your floor.

Unpredictable Accidents

Even if your environment is generally exposed to liquids, there can always be those unforeseen events to expose your floor to fluids. A burst water pipe, spilled cleaning products, or even a backed-up toilet are some of the events that can cause a floor to be damaged. Having a waterproof protection against these potential high-cost incidents can offer peace of mind, as well as reduced expenditure.