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Swimming Pool & Pool Deck Flooring | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, the flooring must be kept safe and clean for your customers. There are a large number of health and safety guidelines and regulation that must be met before a swimming pool can be open to the public. At the same time, you want your pool to be a place of fun and relaxation, so the design of how it looks and feels is just as important. Finding the right floor system to achieve this can be challenging, but here at Concrete Fusion we can work with you to achieve your design wishes and create the floor that you want.

Whether you are considering a new installation, or repair to an existing floor, Concrete Fusion can offer floor systems that will have a fast turnaround, often usable within 2 hours. Our floor systems that we recommend for use in a swimming pool environment are safe, low maintenance, economical to install, long lasting, and impervious to most activities.

We can offer an extensive range of protection and finishes for your swimming pool flooring:
  • An endless variety of colours available, from solid to multi-faceted.
  • Design a floor that is unique to you. Logos, patterns and messages can be incorporated into your floor.
  • Choose from our different blends of chips and quarts. You can choose from a matte finish to high gloss.
  • Have a different look and protection for different zones by incorporating patterns and messages, all within the same floor
  • Varying degree of anti-slip to provide a safe environment.
  • Moisture repellent enabling quick and easy cleaning
  • UV resistance for outdoor areas
  • Quick and easy to repair
  • High resistance to the abrasion of heavy foot or cart traffic
  • Protection against chemicals and other fluids
  • Resistance against impacts, both physical and thermal
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene with our antimicrobial floor options
  • Enjoy low cost of ownership. Our floor systems are quick and easy to clean and maintain, they save you time and money. Repairs can often be carried out within a day and the floors can be available for use within 2 hours.
  • Long life lasting many years longer than other floor types.

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Points to Consider for Swimming Pool Flooring

Swimming pool facilities have two main priorities; they need to be safe, and yet look great. These may appear to be simple needs, but they can present a big challenge without the right floor system.


The points that need to be considered are:

  • Quick installation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Low maintenance and fast repair if required
  • High sanitation levels

The Best Pool Deck Flooring Option

Other non-concrete types of flooring may appear inexpensive, but they come with a wide range of drawbacks:
  • Grouting that can become damaged
  • Weak structural joins
  • Surfaces that can become stained and ugly to look at
  • Slippery surfaces
  • High maintenance levels
  • Fading due to strong sunlight or chemicals
  • Wear and tear due to high volumes of foot-traffic

To find out more about concrete floor finishes for Swimming Pools & Pool Decks,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request