Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions
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Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions

Jan 15, 2020 | Food and Beverage Flooring, Healthcare and Medical Flooring, Healthcare Floors | 0 comments

Why Choose An Epoxy Floor With Antimicrobial Additives?


When it comes to facilities where cleanliness is paramount then an anti-microbial epoxy topcoat should be the only flooring solution you consider.  Even with proper cleaning procedures what is protecting your consumers and products between cleanings? Anti-microbial topcoats help fight against the growth of mould, bacteria, and other contaminants. 


Facilities That Benefit From Antimicrobial Flooring


Facilities like hospitals, health clinics, pharmaceuticals, food processing plants and restaurants need to pay close attention to the cleanliness of their flooring.  Workers, managers and owners understand the incredible work it takes to completely sanitize floors, walls, surfaces and fixtures.  


Anti-microbial coatings are an excellent way to increase safety and minimize the harsh cleaning regular porous floors need.  By reducing the abrasive cleaning you can increase the lifespan of your floor and reduce cleaning time and costs. Reducing cleaning frequency and times results in less downtime for your production of goods.  


Seamless Monolithic Flooring Means There Is No Where For Dirt To Hide


Anti-microbial epoxy coatings can be installed as part of a seamless wall to floor finish which further simplifies the cleaning process by allowing for pressure washing areas faster.  Using our coatings helps reduce smells, and increases safety too.  


It should be noted that not additive can magically eliminate the need for proper cleaning procedures (no matter what the marketing claims).  But studies show that anti-microbial coatings help to reduce and prohibit the growth of microbes and bacteria.  


Where to install anti-microbial flooring in Ottawa:

  • Restaurants
  • Changing rooms 
  • Hospitals
  • Health clinics
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Exercise rooms
  • Showers


Schedule An On Site Visit & Obtain A Free No Obligation Quote

Concrete Fusion will visit your facility and help determine which epoxy flooring solution would be the best for your facility.  For food manufacturing seamless wall coving is a requirement, and we offer cementitious urethane products that are durable and perfect for frequent washing and exposure to detergents.  If you have any questions about the anti-microbial installation process or technical data then do not hesitate to call or email, and we will be sure to get you the answers you need. 


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