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Auto Mechanic & Showroom Floors

Jan 15, 2020 | Commercial and Retail Flooring | 0 comments

Mechanics & Dealerships Choose Polished Concrete & Epoxy Floors


Concrete Fusion epoxy floors are the perfect flooring option for modern automotive repair facilities and car dealerships.  When people step foot into a mechanic they are looking for a facility that is clean and well maintained. Keeping a clean and bright facility helps build trust with customers and says a lot about the mechanic who will be working on your car.  Epoxy flooring offers easy to clean floors that will demonstrate professionalism within your business.  


East To Clean & Low Maintenance Floors


Automotive garage floors are subject to a ton of abuse from dropped tools, and exposure to chemicals and lots and lots of dirt, oil and grime.  These elements significantly reduce the life span of the floor and untreated concrete will degrade the structure and very easily stain. Epoxy coated floors are seamless and impermeable to water which means our floors are very easy to clean and very difficult to stain despite being exposed to lots of solvents like brake fluids, battery acid, and gasoline.  With our floors, a daily pressure wash is all it takes to clean up an entire day’s or week’s worth of work.  


Choosing a solid colour epoxy coating makes it really easy to see dropped tools, nuts, bolts and screws.  Imagine trying to find a dropped screw on an oil-stained concrete floor.  


Safety Is A Feature Of Concrete Fusion Flooring


Our anti-slip high friction silica additive is a popular choice amongst the mechanics we work with.  Working in Ontario snow and slush are common inside the bay for 6 months of the year. Concrete Fusion helps create a safe non-slip surface for your mechanics to work on. Torquing a wrench or carrying tires is a difficult task that gets more difficult when doing it on a slippery surface.  Imagine working with far more confidence, faster and safer with a high friction garage floor.  


Restore Old & Damaged Concrete Floors In Ottawa With Concrete Fusion


When we install floors in the garage we work the original concrete slab and by restoring old and damaged concrete we can really help reduce the cost of a new floor.  Our process requires grinding away the years of dirt, oil and contamination and shot-blasting the rest of concrete in the hard to reach areas (like cracks and pits). After cleaning and profiling the surface of the concrete we repair the concrete using a strong epoxy mortar.  The next step is priming the floor and applying the desired epoxy product. Admixtures are available that can increase chemical resistance, durability or include a number of desired characteristics. 


Impress Your Customers With a Clean & Modern Concrete Floor


You only get one chance to make a first impression on your customers and partnering with Concrete Fusion is the best way to maintain a clean, bright and professional looking facility.  If you have questions please call our customer service line and we can address all your concerns. We offer a free on-site consultation which will allow us to assess your current floor and put together an accurate free quote for your flooring renovation.  


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