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Best Flooring For Healthcare

Jul 17, 2019 | Healthcare and Medical Flooring | 0 comments

What are the best options for healthcare & clinic flooring?


Floors in healthcare facilities must meet rigorous requirements with regards to safety traction, cleanliness, and general maintenance. Concrete Fusion offers polyurea and epoxy finishes which are perfectly designed for use in medical buildings and hospital flooring. Let’s take a deeper look into the reasons why our floors are superior to other floor choices available.

Any place that treats sick and elderly patients must have strict hygienic standards to prevent the spread of disease, germs, and bacteria. Our floors are superior for cleanliness because epoxy flooring has no seams. A seamless floor has no cracks or crevices this means that cleaning dirt and grime is far easier and requires less vigorous cleaning techniques and machines.
Cleaner floors significantly reduce the risk of disease and infections and our floors are designed to be easy to clean.

Healthcare facilities are exposed to blood, fluids, and foot traffic. Our floors are waterproof and can easily be cleaned using mops, pressure cleaning, and steam cleaning. Our floors are very strong and can also be cleaned with industrial ride-on floor cleaners. In buildings that require frequent deep cleanings an easy to clean floor can pay for itself very quickly by reducing the labor required to keep it hygienic.


Hospital Floors Must Be Industrial Grade Strength

Hospital floors take a beating. They have to be strong enough to withstand heavy equipment, foot traffic, and frequent washdowns while being smooth enough to wheel carts, chairs, and gurneys over. Rolling a 1-tonne portable x-ray machine over tiles can damage the floor creating a tripping hazard and requiring a repair. Epoxy floors can withstand vehicular traffic and are guaranteed to deliver the performance you need.


Modern Style, Industrial Performance & Functionality

Hospitals can be confusing places and patients can easily get lost going from reception to the clinic. Concrete Fusion flooring has all the above benefits and can include informative graphical inlays. Follow the black lines to the clinic, the yellow lines to the pharmacy, and the red line to the emergency room. Our floors deliver exceptional strength, low maintenance and increased hygiene with the functionality of graphical inlays too.

Our Concrete Fusion team travels from Ottawa to anywhere in Eastern Ontario. We install polyurea, polyaspartic and epoxy floors in doctors offices, medical clinics, and hospitals. We work to deliver your floor renovation with minimal interruptions to daily operations. Call our professional sales team to inquire about a seamless epoxy floor in your building today.

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