The Smart Choice For Educational Institution Flooring
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The Smart Choice For Educational Institution Flooring

Jan 15, 2020 | Educational Facility Flooring | 0 comments

When It Comes To Schools What Kind Of Floor Is The Best Solution?


As older schools, age and newer schools are built Concrete Fusion has been working with schools across Eastern Ontario.  This vertical has been a regular source of work and we are expecting steady growth as student populations grow over 5% each year.  Our flooring solutions are perfect for elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and gyms. We can offer products that are appropriate in hallways and classrooms as well as offer specialized products for specialized like ESD floors for computer rooms and chemical resistant floor for science laboratories. 


Advantages Of Concrete Flooring In Education


When we meet with school boards to determine what flooring solution will be the best fit the top concern is a floor that lasts.  Polished concrete and coated concrete is one of the longest-lasting, virtually indestructible floors on the market (especially when compared to tile and carpet).  

Cost Procurement & Amortization Muse Be Considered When Choosing Your Floors

When it comes to what the floor costs to install our product is not the cheapest but it isn’t the most expensive either.  Concrete Fusion offers a lot of value to schools because the nature of our product is high quality and can be amortized over less time relative to the life cycle of the product.  Schools in Ottawa, Ontario are looking at spending more initially and recoup their investment over time versus the outdated model of going with the cheapest and lowest quality floor available.  

Low Maintenance Floors That Are Easy To Clean

Our floors allow for school boards to clean the floors faster and more efficiently.  The seamless epoxy floor means dirt can be easily cleaned with a broom, mop or automated cleaning machine.  The impermeable nature of the floors makes it resistant to chemical exposure and cleaning solvents. Reflective characteristics of epoxy coatings means schools can dim the lighting while maintaining ambient lighting, which reduces energy consumption and increases environmental sustainability. 


The design aesthetics of epoxy floors are really limitless.  Our product can be customized to allow for a wide selection of colours, patterns, designs and other aesthetics as well.  Modern buildings are fine-tuned architectural marvels with lots of glass and other design features. As a result, the procurement departments are looking for comparable products that match the design features.  Polished concrete, terrazzo and epoxy floors are very trendy, low maintenance and of course highly durable.  


Schedule Our Sales Team To Meet With Your School Board & Faculty To Discuss Why We Should Work Together


Our sales team and regularly winning contracts against carpet installers.  The carpet was the number one choice for most schools but because of the difficulty to clean, it holds odour and doesn’t perform well with large amounts of foot traffic.  


Let our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff meet with your principal, architect or custodian to show you why our product is the superior flooring choice for educational institutions in Eastern Ontario and Ottawa.  We are always accessible by phone or email and would love to visit your school to provide more accurate information about the best flooring product we offer. 


Warrantied, Low Maintenance, Modern Flooring Solutions For Educational Institutions.


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