Flooring Solutions For Food Processing & Hospitality
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Flooring Solutions For Food Processing & Hospitality

Jan 15, 2020 | Hospitality and Restaurant Flooring | 0 comments

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approved Flooring In Ottawa & Eastern Ontario


Health Canada & The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) applies stringent rules and requirements about what kind of flooring is acceptable in manufacturing, processing and storing of products made for consumption. Food processing facilities require strong and robust flooring and not just for sanitation and food safety.  Think about all the abuse these floors experience, wet conditions, chemical cleaners, cart traffic and exposure to thermal shock. Working in wet conditions means high friction coatings need to considered reducing liabilities and protect worker safety.  


Working With Businesses To Deliver A High Performing Floor


Concrete Fusion works with food manufacturing facilities to help determine flooring requirements and install products that satisfy those needs.  Even walls need to be considered when choosing a floor and with a urethane wall cove, we can address those concerns as well. We offer products that fill and cover concrete construction joints which are notorious for attracting dirt and grime in environments where food safety isn’t a concern.  


Flooring Built To Withstand Harsh Conditions


Our products are designed to withstand frequent temperature changes, physical abrasion and frequent high-pressure washes.  Take your hygienic flooring to the next level with an anti-microbial additive that helps fight against the growth of mould and bacteria.  Although not required in food processing choosing anti-microbial products reduce the risk of contamination and increase the quality of your products.  


Concrete Fusion Installs Health Canada Approved, CFIA Compliant Floors


Concrete Fusion has experience installing Health Canada and CFIA approved flooring in restaurants, bars, hotels, distilleries and breweries.  Our team can cater to a flooring solution that meets the requirements of your industry – and all of work is built to last and of course, is warrantied as well.  If you have any questions about foot facility flooring call us and we would be glad to schedule an on-site visit and make a recommendation based on your needs and budget.  


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