Choosing The Best Concrete Finishing System For Your Floor
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Choosing The Best Concrete Finishing System For Your Floor

Jan 15, 2020 | Tips | 0 comments

Factors When Choosing a Seamless Concrete Floor For Your Facility


Concrete Fusion Helps Choose The Perfect Concrete Coating System For Your Project


When choosing the right concrete finishing to use in your facility every project needs to consider the appearance, installation time, cost and specified usage. Each flooring option has unique characteristics that affect all the considerations mentioned previously.  The system with fast installation and the low cost won’t last as long as cementitious screed solution for example. Using self-levelling cement holds up better to foot and vehicle traffic but takes longer to install. Mortar solutions offer incredible chemical resistance and durability but require more labour trowelling it on the floor.  Concrete Fusion will help you make the right decision when considering floor thickness, resistance to chemicals and thermal shock, as to what flooring system is best for your application.  


Choosing The Best Performing Floor


There is a lot of mystery about the various epoxies, mortars, and coatings, and we have to ensure the work we do has excellent adhesion, compressive strength, all while delivering the properties you require like chemical resistance, waterproofing, etc.  Choosing the wrong system can end in disaster – so make sure you hire a reputable and experienced contractor who will help guide your design making. 



Chemical Resistant Flooring


Chemical resistant floors should be thicker than other systems.  Chemicals ware away at the surface so the thicker the coating the longer lasting the floor.  When choosing a chemically resistant topcoat you should consider the potential of different chemicals mixing creating damaging conditions.  Durability of your floor is a priority for us, and we take into consideration the application of the floor before selecting a product to install.   



High Traffic Flooring


Traffic conditions will also change our floor recommendation depending on the kind of foot, cart or vehicle traffic your floors endure.  By understanding how you want to use the space we can formulate a better aggregate, epoxy or installation method. Floors that are under heavy loads require coatings with higher flexibility.  If you plan on refuelling your vehicles or charging lithium batteries then chemical resistance should also be considered.  



Maintenance Costs Of The Floor


Certain coatings with additives like electrostatic discharge protection, or anti-skid additives are sensitive to harsh cleaners.  The strong chemicals can prematurely breakdown the conductive material or aggregate limiting its effectiveness. We work with our clients after installation to make sure the floor they choose to install is compatible with the cleaning chemicals they use.



Concrete Foundation & Slab Condition


The condition of your concrete floor will help determine what flooring solution is best for your project.  For concrete floors with high moisture content (3%) or badly spalled concrete than a slurry system is a better solution for long term applications.  Using a top coating epoxy will not fully cover or hide damaged concrete.  


Concrete Fusion flooring solutions have many design choices for you to choose.  Once we determine the best system to use we can show you the aesthetic choice available.  Choosing colours, flakes, texture and reflectivity allow for many finishes. 


Scheduling Your Concrete Finishing


Most concrete requires at least 30 days to fully cure before applying any finishing aesthetics.  It is important to test the moisture content before completing any work because concrete that is still curing results in poor adhesion and delamination.  


Concrete Fusion work with contractors and project managers to consider all aspects of a flooring system  from thickness, to appearance and installation times, and we help you choose the best flooring system for the practical usage of the space.  Our products come with warranties included in the cost so you can relax knowing you will be covered if there are any unexpected issues.  

Concrete Fusion takes the guess work out of epoxies, coatings, and all other aspects of coating concrete.  Schedule your free on site consult and let our experts educate you on what we think is the best flooring solution for any commercial or industrial business in Ottawa. 

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