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Concrete Fusion COVID-19 Response

Mar 26, 2020 | News | 0 comments

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold we are monitoring the situation of the outbreak to ensure the health of our employees and customers, and preserve our ability to operate.  Over the past weeks, we have taken actions to prevent the spread of infections by washing hands more frequently, wearing ventilators on-site and practicing social distancing.


Emergency Services For Temporary Medical Facilities

As the need for temporary medical facilities arises, Concrete Fusion Inc. is able to supply the manpower and material available to install permanent or temporary anti-microbial floor coatings.  We are prioritizing projects that help fight against COVID-19 for all testing facilities, patient waiting areas, & clinics.


Protecting Residential Clients From COVID

We often work inside the homes of customers renovating basements, bathrooms, and of course garages. During this time we are still operating and we are protecting our customers by:

Stocking trucks with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks
Quarantine policy for staff who have been sick or travelled in the last 14 day
No physical contact with staff or customers and maintain distances of 1.5m

Re-scheduling projects if:
     Customers have travelled in 14 days
Anyone in the house has cold symptoms
Elderly residents are present


Get A Virtual Quote Over Zoom

With today’s technology, there’s nothing stopping us from providing expert advice remotely.  Let’s discuss your project over video chat and go over the details of costs, materials and concrete specifications.


Financing Options Available (Commercial & Residential)

Individuals and businesses are affected financially by this pandemic.  To help, we are offering flexible payment options to help ease the financial uncertainty.  Financing allows our customers to keep projects on schedule and pay over a number of years instead of all at once.


Construction In Ontario: Working Under Tight Schedules

Construction projects operate on tight schedules and missing deadlines can push back projects by months.  We will continue to work in Ontario while it is safe to do so.  Due to the nature of our work our installers are usually the only people on-site.  Combined with working in small crews of 1-3 people and by minimizing potential virus transmission between workers we are confident we can keep projects on schedule while working safely.    


We are committed to providing superior service and support that our customers have come to expect from Concrete Fusion & Garage Perfect.   If there is anything we can do to help our customers in this time of need do not hesitate to call.

Zack Askew
Owner Concrete Fusion & Garage Perfect




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