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Dairy Distillery

Jul 29, 2019 | Projects | 0 comments

Location of project: Almonte, Ontario

Timeline: 1 week

Product used: Ureco Polyurethane, Cementitious 3/8″ Wall Cove

Approx. size: ~8000 Square feet

Structure: Micro-Distillery, Retail Store, Offices

Project Description: The Dairy Distillery is a interesting business that makes vodka using milk permeate (sugar). With no market for milk permeate it is usually left to evaporate in ponds. Thanks to this innovative product there is less waste and a new recipe for making vodka – in fact, the Canadian law just changed to include “Vodkow” as actual Vodka. We were referred to this project from our supplier at Duron. The Dairy Distillery is about 8000 sq. ft. containing a distilling room, reception/retail area, and office space. Polyurethane was the best solution for this application because of its ability to withstand frequent washes, resistance to harsh chemicals and its ability to withstand impacts from heavy tools. This project required a seamless wall to floor finish which meant installing a cementitious polyurethane coving. Applying the coves went smoothly but it was labour intensive as it can really only be done by hand with a trowel. One challenge we faced on this job was the cement board covering the ICF foundation was too rough for the polyurethane to adhere to. To solve this we applied a stucco-like product to the cement board which provided a smooth enough surface for the polyurethane to bond to. The final step was applying a polyurethane topcoat combined with fine silica dust for extra grip. The client was thrilled that we were able to find a solution that worked with the cement board and the floor looked great too.

dairy distillery featured image
dairy distillery featured image

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