The Growing Demand For Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Flooring
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The Growing Demand For Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Flooring

Feb 15, 2019 | Educational Facility Flooring, Healthcare and Medical Flooring, Science and Technology Flooring | 0 comments

The Growing Demand For Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Flooring.  

At a very young age we are introduced to the science behind ESD.  As kids we used to rub our shoes along the floor, touch a friend, and see the spark.  The spark you see is the electrical current transferring from you to your friend.


Modern Electronics Hyper Sensitivity to ESD Damage

Photocopiers, computers, machinery and equipment are all vulnerable to damage caused from ESD.  That little spark might not look like much but it takes 25,000 volts for it to jump half an inch.  As microchips gets smaller and more complex they are more susceptible to damage from ESD. The smallest discharge can affect the performance of the electronics without presenting any symptoms of malfunction.


How ESD Concrete Floors Protect Against ESD Damage

As feet shuffle, and wheels roll over the floor electrostatic energy builds up.  With so much friction starting with the floor, focussing our attention here is an obvious way to eliminate ESD. Options include conductive or dissipative coatings which work to lower resistance of electrical flow or create resistance to the flow of electrical current respectively.


What’s The Best Flooring For Fighting ESD?

Well almost any type of floor can be made to minimize ESD including vinyl, carpet and concrete.  These days concrete tends to be the best solution for most projects. Vinyl can’t take heavy loads and carpet doesn’t handle heavy traffic, that’s why concrete tends to be the most common.  

ESD Epoxy excels in commercial and industrial facilities because it can withstand heavy loads, heavy traffic, and mitigates against the risk of equipment failure as a result of ESD.  

Depending on the specifications of your project we can apply dissipative or conductive antistatic coatings as needed.  ESD Epoxy coatings won’t limit your finishes either. Anti-slip, chemically resistant, abrasion resistant, and impact resistant options are all still available.


Don’t Let a Spark Destroy Your Equipment

We have worked on ESD Epoxy Floor projects in clean rooms & laboratories, manufacturing facilities, data rooms, cannabis production facilities and in healthcare facilities.  The equipment these companies use are hyper-specialized and cost as much as a car or even house! It’s no wonder why they want to protect their investment with an ESD Epoxy Polished Concrete Floor.  


Interested in incorporating ESD flooring on your project?  Click here for our contact page.  We provide quotes and tenders for all projects.  

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