Earn LEED Points & Certification WIth Every Ottawa Construction Project
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Earn LEED Points & Certification WIth Every Ottawa Construction Project

Jan 14, 2020 | Marketing Material | 0 comments

Concrete Fusion Helps Projects Earn LEED Points & LEED Certification In Ottawa


Generate LEED Points With Eco-Friendly Floors

Green construction is about more than using recycled building materials or using environmentally friendly construction processes. Green construction looks at how the project effects the long term use of the structure and the people who use it. LEED stands for The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design and its mission is to help construction projects set environmentally friendly goals from design to construction and use. Factors such as location, construction material, efficiency and conservation efforts are all considered when determining how many LEED points a building receives. Buildings with high LEED scores can apply for government grants, tax incentives and are far more cost-effective for future inhabitants.


How Concrete Fusion Helps Generate LEED Points?


  • Our coatings mean builders can resurface and reuse concrete slabs without the need to replace them.
  • Underground parking decks reduce road usage and offer LEED attribution
  • Chemical resistant coatings used in refuelling areas protect the concrete lifespan
  • Help manage water runoff and sewer usage
  • Reflect ambient light by up to 300% reducing energy costs
  • Reduced maintenance and easier cleaning
  • 100% solid coatings (no VOC) lower construction waste
  • Coated concrete reduces dust and microbes and improves air quality


Each building can achieve either a certified, silver, gold, or platinum level LEED status. By choosing to go green and strive for LEED points promotes your company and building as a conscientious, progressive and innovator in the construction world. Choosing LEED construction methods also helps your project and future tenants conserve energy which is a top priority amongst people looking for a location to live or run their business. Finally building with sustainability in mind is the right thing to do and help protects many aspects of the environment.


Schedule Your On Site Consult & Earn LEED Points With Your Flooring System

Going green is about more than just your public persona, it is a desired feature and can be a very profitable endeavour. When choosing the floor for your next project consider a product that can add LEED points to your building – consider polished concrete or a resinous epoxy concrete coating. Concrete Fusion cares about the environment and actively works to help construction projects in Eastern Ontario achieve the highest LEED certification.

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