Ensure Your Building Has Disabled Access
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Ensure Your Building Has Disabled Access

Jun 20, 2019 | Tips | 0 comments

Ensuring Everyone Has Equal Access To Your Building


People with disabilities need to be considered when renovating and building public spaces.  Ontario was one of the first places in the world to introduce legislation setting objective goals and deadlines for completion.  Ontario also legislates reposting standards so that people with disabilities can participate in their communities more easily.   Introduced in 2005 implementation and enforcement is expected to be reached by 2025.  Companies must consider:

  • Customers and remove barriers so people can access goods and services
  • Communication so that people can access information when needed
  • Transportation – to make it easier for everyone to travel
  • Employees – hiring and supporting to be inclusive
  • Redesigning public and outdoor spaces


What Can We Do?


Make Moving Around Easier For Everyone

In terms of design, we need to make sure that hallways and entryways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair access.  If there is a small elevation rise designs should include ramps, not stairs and where stairs are required elevator access must be provided.  By changing the way we think about design we can be more inclusive by making space easier for everyone.

Choose Non-slip Finishes

The finish you choose for floor matters.  Rubber wheelchair wheels is engineered to reduce friction and some laminated or tile floors can be difficult to travel on.  Transversely, a carpeted floor can have an entirely new set of challenges.  Choosing a polyurea of epoxy coating for public buildings ensures a durable and low maintenance finish that provides a safe, accessible, non-slip surface

Make Sure Signs Are Visible

Entrances, emergency exits, washrooms, and building information must be clear and visible for all visitors to your building.  Communication must be considered for people with varying abilities – high contrast, high visibility signs are required and other communication is required for visually and hearing impaired persons as well.   Often times we are tasked with installing floors in public spaces that include high contrast colours to aid in communication in this regard.

We are grateful to live in a place that is so inclusive and at Concrete Fusion we work with clients who are looking for durable flooring choices that are extremely versatile, functional and stylish.  To learn more about polished concrete and top coatings give us a call at 613-714-0656

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