How To Maintain And Clean Industrial Concrete
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How To Maintain And Clean Industrial Concrete

Jan 14, 2019 | Concrete Repair, Tips | 0 comments

How to Maintain Industrial Concrete

It is hard to keep industrial concrete clean because it is always being used and sometimes there is high vehicle traffic as well. It is important to keep your concrete clean as it will extend the life of your flooring. If you do not maintain your concrete you may need to replace the floors coating.  


Regular Maintenance


Just like you would if you were cleaning hardwood flooring you would have to find out what type of cleaners are safe for your flooring. Once you’ve done that you must set up a weekly cleaning regiment. This will ensure that the pores of your flooring are not filling with debris and dirt.

Depending on how much foot traffic your facility has you may need to mop weekly as well. When the floor is wet apply the polish safe cleaner and use a soft bristled brush or soft mop to remove of any grime that might be embedded into the surface. Rinse the flooring thoroughly and allow for the floor to dry before anyone walks across it.


Removing Oil and Grease  


Oil and grease stains are not easy to remove from any kind of material and concrete flooring is no exception to the rule. To remove oil stains, carefully spray the affected area with bleach. Gently scrub the affected area then rinse repeat this process until the mark is gone.  

Removing grease is simpler than removing oil. Grease can be removed with kitty litter. Place the kitty litter on the mark and leave the litter for a few days. When a few days have passed sweep up the litter and the stain should be gone.


Deep Cleaning Methods


It is not necessary but it is not a bad idea to have your floors deep cleaned. This may be easier with the help of a professional cleaner but if you choose to do the cleaning yourself the deep cleaning methods include abrasive blasting, acid etching and pressurized water. After these methods have been applied the grime should be completely removed from your floor.  

This type of cleaning can also strip your floor down to the concrete. If you decide to deep clean your flooring you may need to have your floor re-polished.


Concrete Polishing


If you find yourself needing to have your flooring re-polished. It isn’t the worst thing that could happen. When a floor needs refinishing the installers will also be able to fix the cracks and imperfections in the flooring before re-polishing the flooring. There are several types of one day floor coatings that can be installed to ensure that you are not inconvenienced.

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