Perfect Floors For Vet Clinics & Kennels
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Perfect Floors For Vet Clinics & Kennels

Jan 15, 2020 | Animal and Veterinary Flooring | 0 comments

Seamless Epoxy Flooring For Kennels, Shelters, or Vet Clinics


When it comes to floors for animal kennels and veterinarians clinics, seamless floors are always the best options when it comes to performance, appearance and maintenance.  Concrete Fusion is a leading contractor when it comes to installing seamless monolithic flooring systems that are durable and easy to clean. Our floors are perfect for high levels of foot traffic, exposure to water, chemical resistance and of course frequent cleaning.  


Easily Renovate Floors with Self Levelling Cement


Our kennel coatings can be installed over an existing sub-floor using one of our many kinds of self-levelling cement.  We use pumpable free-flowing self-consolidating products that can be poured very quickly and have an amazing appearance.  This makes renovating floors easier than ever without the headaches of trying to level foundations for other kinds of floors.  


Easy Cleaning & Low Maintenance Reduces Cost On Small Business


Seamless coatings are waterproof and not only provide incredible durability but also are very low maintenance and easy to clean.  In businesses like kennels, animal shelters and vet clinics a monolithic smooth surface can be easily cleaned with a mop, cleaner or industrial machine.  Since our floors are resistant to chemicals, solvents and detergents won’t damage the floor either. Maintaining sanitary conditions is easier than ever when you choose a floor without any gaps or seams.  Tiles and hardwood have many joints where water, dirt and bacteria can remain even after cleaning. A seamless floor is easier to clean and will help you reduce maintenance costs (time/frequency).


Customs Flooring Solutions With Specified Functionality


Additives can be incorporated into your flooring solution to enhance the performance of your floor.  In clinics, kennels and veterinarian buildings anti-microbial admixtures are popular to reduce the chance of pathogens growing on your floor in between scheduled cleanings.  In foyers and public areas, customers can opt for anti-slip high friction coatings or wear resistance coatings depending on the requirements of their space. 


Customize Your Floors Appearance With Great Designs


With Concrete Fusion your floor can be customized in terms of colour, shine and texture.  Our seamless epoxy floors can match the colour of your business or design theme. Our floors can include functionality as well by offering you the ability to use multiple colours for defining different areas or safety markings.  


Quick Floor Installations & Turn Around Time

Concrete Fusion can install some floors in just a single day depending on the size of the job or the floor condition.  Our goal is to prioritize your schedule and minimize downtime so you can get back to work as fast as possible. We will never sacrifice quality or workmanship for speed, but we want business owners to know that a brand-new floor cures fast and installs quickly too. 


Get Your Free Estimate Today On Site, Email or Call Us


If you need more information about seamless floors in your business contact Concrete Fusion for a free on-site consultation, and we can discuss the requirements of your floor, budget and installation schedule.

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