Maintaining Industrial Epoxy Floors
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Maintaining Industrial Epoxy Floors

Jul 3, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Maintaining Industrial Epoxy Floors

Whether you have an epoxy or polyurea-based floor installed a bit of regular maintenance keeps it in good shape and protects potential damage.  Keeping a clean and well-kept work environment helps to reduce accidents and creates an environment with increased productivity and wellness.  What is the best practice when cleaning an industrial strength floor?  We are ready to answer that today.  


Maintenance Products Available

Whether finishes in epoxy or polyurea the smooth non-porous surface is very easy to clean.  In the event you have an extra dirty floor then using products that are not corrosive is what we recommend.  Any neutral floor cleaner combined with water should be enough to eliminate any dirty areas.


What kind of cleaning?

Some of our clients are working with 10,000 square foot facilities in which case a mechanical cleaner is required.  Cleaning tools like mechanical brooms, automatic floor scrubbers and mopping/sweeping devices are all suitable for use with our floor systems. Typical questions when determining what kind of floor cleaner you require are:

How dirty does the floor get every day?  The answer to this can change greatly depending on the type of industry.  Foodservice floors generally need to be cleaned far more often that warehouse and storage facilities.  What kind of dirt is it? (a chemical treatment facility, for instance, will need special cleaning)

What kind of dirt are we working with? Many food service lines can be sprayed with a disinfectant and hosed down while a furniture builder will have vastly different cleaning needs.

Are there regulations for your production sector?  Pharmaceutical companies and food preparation industries have very stringent cleaning requirements for their facilities.  


We firmly believe that the best flooring option for any industry is coated concrete.  There aren’t many floors that are as robust and versatile when it comes to the ease of keeping the floor sanitary.  Tile floors have grout and provide ample opportunity for mould and bacteria to grow.  Wooden floors can’t be hosed down and are susceptible to expansion and shrinkage.   The smooth non-porous material of coated concrete makes clean up easy!  Combined with the durability and strength to withstand most cleaning chemicals and industrial cleaning machines… for your facility whether industrial or commercial, there really is only one choice!

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