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Museum flooring is subject not only to high volumes of foot traffic, but also dragging of stands and cases. We can offer a range of flooring that not only protects but is also aesthetically pleasing for your visitors.

Designs for Museum Flooring

Almost every museum floor is different, whether that’s because of the way it is used, or In the way it looks. Once you have chosen the protection your floor requires, our experienced staff will work with you to create the look for your design.


Whether you have areas for children, history, or art, we are able to create floor spaces with distinct designs for that environment.

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Exhibits

For the best kind of flooring for your museum, you need a versatile floor that offers the protection against daily use, and the looks that integrate with the design of your building and exhibits.

Some of the options available are:

Waterproof—our waterproof Epoxy floor coatings ensure that no fluid can seep into the floor to cause cracks, stains, or any other damage. These coating have an elastomeric waterproofing underlayment is available.


Antimicrobial—our antimicrobial floor systems are easy to clean and maintain. They are the perfect option for areas where hygiene is of importance. These floors ensure that your staff and customers are safe from bacteria and germs.


High durability—all our floors enjoy a long life due to their high durability. With protection against high volumes of foot-traffic and the potential impact damage from heavy exhibits, your floor will remain looking as good as it was the day it was installed for many years to come.


Safety—an additional safety option available with our floors is an anti-slip protection. This option is especially useful near doorways from outside, where visitors may be coming in with wet feet and there may be a danger of slips and falls.

To ensure that your floor looks as good as your exhibits, contact us today. Our staff are expertly trained, and are happy to help you discover the right floor system for your environment.

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