Polished Concrete Applications From Residential to Commercial & Industrial
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Polished Concrete Applications From Residential to Commercial & Industrial

Sep 17, 2019 | Commercial and Retail Flooring, Concrete Polishing, Food and Beverage Flooring, Healthcare Floors, Hospitality and Restaurant Flooring, Residential Flooring | 0 comments

Ottawa Installation & Applications of Polished Concrete Floors


Concrete floors are versatile enough to work well in a variety of settings and environments. When researching what type of floor is best for your space polished concrete should be considered because of its low cost, durability, and maintenance.  In the past year here are some spaces Concrete Fusion has installed our polished concrete floors. 


Retail Store Floors


Retail stores need floors that can handle heavy foot traffic. Retail stores have clothing racks, shelves, and other structures too. Your space requires a robust floor that can withstand frequent moving displays and inventory.  With Concrete Fusion, floors are easy to clean since racks can be easily moved our of the way for cleaning and polishing. With polished concrete, a quick sweep and mopping are all you need to make it shine again. 


Beauty Salons & Nail Shops


Our polished concrete is perfect for salons that project a sleek and stylish image.  Choosing a high gloss finish makes for a bright room that will attract clients as they walk by.  Our floors are waterproof and any hair is easily swept up with no static. Products like hair dye can be easily cleaned and if left to dry they blend in with the natural facets of the concrete.  Laminate floors look dated and tile floors are expensive to install. Looking to update your salon or spa then consider going with a functional and stylish floor from Concrete Fusion.  




If your restaurant’s dining room has carpet then you know how difficult it can be to clean. Tile floors are an improvement but expensive to install and the grout can trap dirt and bacteria.  Polished concrete is monolithic, so it has one single smooth surface with no edges or grooves. This makes it very easy to clean if ever there is a dropped tray or spilled food. In the kitchen, they can easily be hosed down and by incorporating sloped drains your next health inspection should be a breeze.




Commercial warehouses and distribution centers need floors that are durable and can withstand heavy vehicle traffic and foot traffic.  Your polished concrete floor will look as good as new since coatings are designed to be resistant to tire skids and pallet scuffs. The smooth monolithic surface reduces tripping hazards and gaps that can be difficult to drive over when a forklift is under load.  Warehouses benefit greatly from the feature of including graphical inlays on your floor. Clearly mark traffic signals, storage areas, and potential hazards to workers to minimize any danger and downtime.  


Office Buildings


Choosing a high gloss finish for your polished concrete office space helps to reflect ambient light reducing energy costs and over-reliance on fluorescent & LED lighting.  In fact, a recent study found that employees consider natural light as the number 1 perk an office can offer. Polished concrete makes for a modern and trendy environment that your team will love working in.  Rolling chairs make for easy and effective communication between staff and a quick sweep makes your office shine after the week’s work. We are not sure what effect polished concrete has on productivity but people love working in trendy and modern environments.  


Polished Concrete in Hospitals


Hospital flooring needs to be sanitary and easy to clean.  Modern hospitals are run under tight budgets and coated concrete is a top performer when it comes to maintenance in hospitals and clinics.  Hospital flooring needs to be as sanitary as possible which is one area where our products can help. Installing ⅛” cementitious coving makes washing walls and hosing down floors a very quick and easy process.  Ionized silver anti-microbial coatings can be applied to facilitate clean environments in waiting rooms, laboratories, and operating rooms. Polished concrete has a smooth and monolithic design which makes transporting patients easier when compared to tiled and grouted floors.  Lastly, graphical decals can be included to direct patients to washrooms, cafeterias, and wards in the hospital too.  




That outdated carpet might hide stains but truthfully it detracts from the modern and luxurious feel many hotels strive for.  Why not go for a flooring option that doesn’t stain and is affordable? High-end materials like terrazzo, marble, and natural stone are expensive and costly to install.  Polished concrete has all the appeal of these higher-end materials but at a fraction of the cost. Smells, stains, and allergies are reduced to a minimum when going with a polished concrete floor in your hotel.  


Auto showrooms


The sleek appearance of polished concrete also makes it an excellent choice for auto showrooms. Cars are sure to look their best surrounded by a high-gloss mirror-like floor that reflects ambient light upon them.  Our floors are durable, robust and strong enough to have vehicles driving over them in your showroom. With graphical decals you can include your floor in your marketing and sales, informing customers about promotions or help focus attention by incorporating colorful logos.  


Residential Homes


While you might expect to see polished concrete floors in commercial or industrial spaces, they are becoming increasingly common.  Trends in Ottawa homes include modern and industrial designs. Easy to clean and maintain these floors aren’t just for warehouses anymore.  With in-floor radiant heating your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they are greeted with a toasty 23-degree floor in the middle of winter! 


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Concrete Fusion has polished concrete in many more places like cottages, veterinarian clinics, City Hall and museums.  When looking to renovate your floor go with the trendy, versatile and economical choice!  

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