Why Is The Cannabis Industry Choosing Polished Concrete Floors?
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Why Is The Cannabis Industry Choosing Polished Concrete Floors?

Apr 25, 2019 | Healthcare and Medical Flooring, News | 0 comments

Why Commercial Grow Ops In Ontario Choose Polished Concrete

Now that cannabis growing is legal in Canada and Ontario commercial growing facilities are popping up all over.  As this new market emerges entrepreneurs and companies are learning the best ways to supply better products and growing methods that reduce cost and produce higher yielding crops.  

Why is Polished Concrete So Popular? 

Highly Reflective Top Coating

Commercial cannabis growing facilities biggest expense would be related to the light required for photosynthesis to occur and plants to grow. Imagine if there was a way to increase the amount of ambient growing light from the floor option you choose.  Concrete Fusion can install a highly reflective top coat on your concrete floor. Other floors would just absorb the light wasting energy and money. Our floor reflects the light back increasing ambient light and making your cannabis growing operation more efficient.  

Self Leveling Screed For Proper Drainage

With heaters, water mains, misters and high humidity any commercial cannabis growing facility will need a floor that can drain excess water quickly.  Concrete Fusions Agilia Screed A is a pumpable concrete coating that is naturally self-leveling. Using this product we can direct the water and funnel it to drain quickly rather than having puddles of water left to air dry.  Installing channel drains around the facility is a great element to incorporate in your early designs. If you haven’t or are retrofitting we can help with poor slope and floor grades to assist with proper drainage.


Reduce Mold & Bacteria

Cannabis growing facilities require massive amounts of moisture and humidity for ideal growing conditions.  These happen to also be ideal conditions for mold and bacteria growth. Since cannabis is made for ingestion, it is natural that mold and bacteria are not ideal.  One of the huge advantages of our concrete top coating is its inability to grow mold and bacteria. The smooth monolithic design has no place for moisture to collect.  Not to mention is incredibly easy to clean and disinfect without much effort or special machines. It’s obvious that any commercial growing facility would want to reduce any opportunity for mold or bacteria to grow and this is an area where Concrete Fusion can help.

Modern Retail Trends

Polished concrete is a trendy and modern style that is popular in modern home design and retail businesses as well.  Retail stores looking to sell Cannabis need to have a clean and modern appearance in order to appeal to cannabis enthusiasts.  By having a more upscale environment in your shop allows retailers to charge more and impress customers with their brand. We install polished concrete floors in all retail stores.  If you are looking to start a cannabis retail store and need a functional and stylish floor to consider going with a polished slab.


Polished concrete is FDA approved for facilities in which food is a prepared and Health Canada approved for pharmaceutical manufacturing.  In our opinion, it is the most sensible flooring option for its great track record in durability and its low maintenance and easy to clean design.  We install polished concrete floors in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. With growing demand from the cannabis growing market, 2019 has been a booming year for concrete polishing companies in Ontario.  

To learn more about finishing your cannabis grow operation with a polished concrete floor, call our sales team or visit the Cannabis Growing Floors page on our website.

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