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Slip Resistant Flooring Solutions


Why Safe Flooring Is Desirable


In this day and age every business we work with lists safety as one of its tops priorities.  Uneven and cracked floors creating hazards for workers, visitors and equipment which increases liabilities and costs.  One of the safest floors for business and industry are seamless resin floors made from epoxy or polyurethane. Businesses prefer these kinds of floors because they are very durable and require minimal maintenance and cleaning.  


High Friction Floor Coatings


By reducing slipping hazards, high friction flooring is perfect for parking decks and other areas that are exposed to moisture or cold temperatures.  By incorporating silica admixtures during installation we can create a high friction surface that has an incredible amount of grip and texture. For environments with heavy-duty traffic, we can install aluminum admixtures that have better anti-slip performance and last longer under the heavy loads for floors in parking garages and industrial areas.  


Choose The Correct Floor For Your Facility


The type of resin we use can affect performance as well.  One important aspect of your floor is maintaining profiling and slip resistance over long periods of time.  Flexible epoxies like polyurethane won’t hold the aggregate in place when compared to epoxy but are generally less slippery.  It is important your flooring contractor match your floor system with the application and environment it will be installed in.  Our floors deliver to the specification and have a smooth cleanable high friction surface.  


Schedule Your Free On Site Consultation With Concrete Fusion 


Your flooring system needs to perform well, look good, and perhaps include other performance enhancements too.  Waterproofing, chemical resistance, anti-microbial and anti-static flooring are all requirements of other clients.  Concrete Fusion offers free site visits to assess your needs and determine which floor coating is correct for your facility.  Give us a call and schedule a time to meet with our epoxy experts and see how why contractors and businesses love working with us. 

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