Why Are Schools & Public Facilities Choosing Polished Concrete Over Other Floors?
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Why Are Schools & Public Facilities Choosing Polished Concrete Over Other Floors?

Nov 13, 2019 | Concrete Polishing, Correctional Facility Flooring, School Flooring | 0 comments


Modern built schools and other public facilities are seeing an uptick in choosing polished concrete for the main areas of the building.  Some school boards are spending millions in renovating old dusty carpet and outdated tiles. Why is polished concrete such a viable option?  The results speak for themselves and like most things in life it comes down to cost.  

With no material to purchase, minimal maintenance and a durable floor that can withstand the heaviest foot traffic, it’s an obvious choice.  


What Hurdles Does The Polished Concrete Industry Face?

With such a clear cut case for polished concrete flooring, why doesn’t every institution have them?  Some of the objections Concrete Fusion faces when providing estimates are the risks of changing what has worked in the past, the condition of the concrete (cracks), the style will appear too modern.  As industry leaders in concrete finishing, we try to overcome these objections by demonstrating the advantages of choosing polished concrete. 


Advantages Of Polished Concrete For Schools


How Often Are Carpets Shampooed?

When compared to carpet, polished concrete floors are superior as they don’t trap any dirt or dust.  How many times a year do you think school carpets are washed? It just too expensive to shampoo them more frequently.  A year’s worth of dirt collects trapping allergens and breaking down the carpet. Concrete Fusion offers floors that can be cleaned with a single pass of a mop or broom!  Over the years it might need a polish but it will never need replacing, unlike carpet.  


Acoustic Performance

Polished concrete flooring helps to amplify sound which can help the teacher get their voice heard without the need for electronic devices or shouting.  Carpet attenuates sound which means teachers need to speak louder, increasing the volume but not the effectiveness of the message. 


Sustainability & Environmental Considerations

Lastly, our product is sustainable.  Just think how many square feet of carpet or tiles we are sending to the city dump every decade?  


Is Polished Concrete The Right Floor For Your School or Institution?

We think it is and we would love to meet your custodian to discuss retrofitting your floors.  Concrete Fusion can work under tight deadlines to deliver projects on-time. Want to retrofit a single room over the Christmas or March break?  We can work together and get the job done on schedule. Your maintenance staff will be far more productive taking care of polished concrete versus any other kind of flooring.  With the latest polishing compounds and densifiers restoring your floors after a school year is a quick and easy process. Looking to renovate your floors? Reach out to our sales team and ask for an on-site visit.  

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