Warrantied Epoxy Concrete Flooring With Guaranteed Results
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Warrantied Epoxy Concrete Flooring With Guaranteed Results

Dec 10, 2019 | Concrete Repair, Epoxy Coating, floor warranty | 0 comments

Over the years we have met with business owners and general contractors asking us (professionals) to clean up botched epoxy jobs.  We know better than to ask if the previous company warrantied their work. Even if they did offer a warranty, they will usually blame the problems on poor surface conditions or pass the fault onto the product manufacturer.  

Concrete Fusion Backs All The Work We Do

The fact is that the installer must take responsibility when things go wrong.  Your flooring contractor should be able to identify potential issues with the slab before applying any product and manufacturers’ products are very consistent and problems with epoxies usually result from improper mixing, handling or installation techniques.


Environmental Conditions Change That’s Our Responsibility Not Yours

Issues like sudden moisture exposure, or unexpected temperature fluctuation can result in real-world situations but as flooring contractors we need to take responsibility and repair or replace in the rare event of this happening.  

99% Of Our Jobs Are Worry Free

With proper surface preparation and proper epoxy mixing/handling the need for warranty work is almost non-existent.  That is why it is very important to hire a company with the most experience to prevent peeling and cracking while the coating cures.  


Some jobs which require extensive repairs will have exclusions with regard to the cracks reappearing – but when it comes to the coating they should always be 100% warrantied to not delaminate, crack, or peel.  In the event we make extensive repairs to concrete, any warranty exclusions will be explained clearly in the contract. 


Concrete Fusion works on projects in offices, restaurants, and warehouses, and our team has extensive experience working with different floor substrates, and environments.  Our experience and commitment to high quality work means we guarantee that all our coatings are properly bonded to the floor and will not suffer from delamination under normal use.  


As consumers and business owners, whenever we buy a product or service we expect it to be backed by a sufficient warranty and our floors are no different!  Choosing Concrete Fusion means your floor is in the hands of trusted and experienced professionals which minimizes the risk of any issues… but in the event, something does happen you can relax knowing that we stand behind our floors and warranty every project we work on.  

Flooring Satisfaction is Guaranteed in Eastern Ontario & Ottawa

Not satisfied with the work from another flooring contractor?  Call Concrete Fusion, and we will come and do the job the right way.  We work across Eastern Ontario with offices in Ottawa.  

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