Waterproof Concrete With Epoxy Coating
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Waterproof Concrete With Epoxy Coating

Jan 15, 2020 | Moisture Problems | 0 comments

Waterproofing Concrete With Resinous Epoxies


Concrete is a naturally porous surface that is not waterproof without installing a proper sealing top coat.  Waterproofing should be applied on the side of the substrate that is exposed to moisture. There are lots of applications for waterproofing concrete floors in environments like parking garages, kitchens, patios, and garages.  By waterproofing concrete surfaces they become more durable and reduce the risk of exposure to oxidization, erosion and expansion/contraction cracks.


Concrete is a living and breathing thing that expands and contracts with varying temperatures and environmental conditions.  To account for this, concrete floors have joints that separate slabs and allow for slight movement. This is why we use epoxy and other kinds of membrane waterproofing which are applied directly on the floor and provide adequate protection across the entire surface.  


Polyurea based epoxies improve the performance of sealers by introducing the ability to be slightly flexible and waterproof.  A product like EPO-FLEX from General Polymers is a waterproof membrane that is slightly flexible and highly durable. These concrete topcoat systems are perfect for surfaces that have a lot of foot traffic.  The latest technology offers flexible coatings, with fast curing times and can be installed in various environments. 


As with all of Concrete Fusion’s products our flooring systems can be adapted and modified to meet the specific requirements of each project.  Parking garage floors require a much higher abrasion resistance when compared to equipment room floors for example.


Our specialists can formulate the best concrete coating system for your application.  Indoor spaces utilize low VOC products that cure fast and have minimal residual odour while outdoor products will be more flexible to help deal with continually changing environmental conditions.   


No matter the project, Concrete Fusion can deliver exceptional results that are durable and built to last.  The customization of our products means we can install them in almost any environment for almost any application.  When waterproofing your concrete floor whether for commercial or industrial purposes the success is greatly determined by using the correct epoxy system for your application.  


Schedule a call with our concrete floor waterproofing experts and relax knowing your facility is getting a warrantied waterproof membrane that is designed to last.



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