Why Concrete Joints Are Needed
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Why Concrete Joints Are Needed

Jan 14, 2020 | Installation | 0 comments

Ever Wonder Why Joints Are Sometimes Visible On Concrete Floors?


Movement Inside A Structure – protecting rigid materials

In any building, there will always be some kind of movement. No matter the size, height or width the structure will move. To accommodate this movement, the building requires areas that are flexible. Since concrete is not flexible joints are installed throughout the floor or building to allow for the inevitable movement. The size and placement of the joints are related to movement tolerances, shrinkage of cured concrete and where the visual design allows.


Three Kinds Of Concrete Joints

In concrete, there are 3 different kinds of joints, expansion, isolation and construction.


Control Joints

Control joints are used to manually account for the shrinkage that occurs in concrete segments. These joints control where the concrete cracks and without them the cracked concrete can appear anywhere within the slab. As the name suggests these control breaks allow each section of concrete to be separate from each other. These types of joints are very common in pavement, flooring and retaining walls.


Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are used to separate two structures that would interfere with each other and cause buckling or heaving to occur. Usually, concrete that behaves in different ways but is connected (for example a wall and floor) will have expansion joints so they don’t affect each other as they settle at different rates.


Construction Joints

Construction joints are placed due to limitations on the building from restrictions of precast concrete or limitations of pouring concrete. Construction joints may be used in areas where a massive movement is expected or planned for.


  • A concrete jointed floor offers a lot of benefits like:
  • Resistance to shrinkage
  • Flexibility to allow for settling and movement
  • Remains intact as it gets older
  • Works with most flooring and coating systems
  • Easier installation and mixing of concretes
  • Allows for harder concrete (large scale flexibility small scale rigidity)


Aesthetically joints aren’t the nicest feature on concrete but they are needed and add many benefits. When we work on concrete floors that have joints the coatings cover up the gaps making them invisible to the naked eye. When it comes to polishing concrete with joints epoxy joint fillers are installed to deliver a uniform appearance and nice look.


Schedule An On Site Visit. Let Concrete Fusion Coat & Protect Your Concrete Floors

Concrete Fusion takes the rough unfinished concrete slab and turns them into one of our many finished appearances (terrazzo, polished concrete, solid epoxy, chip and flake, or acid stained). Does your floor have visible concrete joints left over from the building process? Let us visit your site and put a perfect and functional finish your clients and customers will love!

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