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Gang Shower Floor Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Wherever large groups of people gather, there is the potential for accidents and damage to occur to flooring. Concrete Fusion’s floor systems offer a seamless cove to floor environment, so minimizing any potential damage, or even use of flooring as a makeshift weapon. Our specially designed heavy-duty flooring ensures that it is resistant to scratches and impacts, leaving a smooth but safe surface.

Advantages of Correctional Institution Shower Flooring

Showering floor systems need to provide for a safe and hygienic environment. Concrete Fusion can offer floor systems that are resistant to water and other liquids, as well as being resistant to bacteria and germs. At the same time they are easy to clean and maintain as they are also resistant to any harsh cleaning products that may need to be used.

The Right Flooring for Walk-In Coolers

Concrete Fusion can offer a variety of floor finishes for walk-in coolers. Theses floor systems are non-toxic, inert, and impervious to moisture and other fluids. Contact our expert staff today to find out more about the different floor systems that we recommend for walk-in coolers.

We can offer gang shower flooring with the following options:
  • Moisture tolerant floors and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) mitigating systems
  • Antimicrobial protection throughout the depth of the floor
  • Waterproofing for multi-level facilities
  • Anti-slip surfaces that can be customized to varying levels
  • Easily repairable floors
  • Fast curing options that can be used within a couple of hours of installation
  • Low level odor flooring ensuring minimal disruption during installation

Our flooring systems can also be used for shower walls. These walls offer the same protection, durability, and benefits of our floor systems. Contact our expert, friendly staff today to find out more about our floors for correctional facilities.

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