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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Prison Dining Hall Flooring

Prison Dining Hall Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Dining halls can present a wide range of challenges when it comes to designing a floor. The floor needs to be hard wearing and offer protection against damage from impacts or spillages, yet also needs to provide a calm environment.

Our flooring options can offer:

• Moisture tolerant floors and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) mitigating systems

• Antimicrobial protection throughout the depth of the floor

• Waterproofing for multi-level facilities

• Anti-slip surfaces that can be customized to varying levels

Flooring with Economical Maintenance

Unlike many other types of flooring, Concrete Fusion’s floor systems require very little maintenance. They are easily cleaned, and are resistant to harsh cleaning products including steam-cleaning. In the rare event of damage occurring to our floor systems, they can be quickly and economically repaired. This ensures that your floor will outlast almost any other floor type and will look as good as the day it was installed for many years.
Prison Dining Hall Flooring

Correctional Dining Hall and Kitchen Floors

Concrete Fusion is able to offer flooring solutions for even the harshest of environments. Out heavy-duty wall and floor systems ensure that your environment is kept hygienically clean with the minimum of effort. When you choose one of our floor and wall systems there are numerous benefits not available with other flooring, including:

• CFIA compliant prison mess hall and kitchen options

• Slip-resistance where spilled liquids and greasy food items can make floors treacherous

• A variety of cool, calming standard or custom colors and blends

• High chemical and stain-resistance

• Scratch and puncture-resistance