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Concrete Floor Coatings for Workshops Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

The range of heavy duty floor systems that Concrete Fusion recommends for use in workshops has been specially designed to offer the protection required for those environments. They have a wide range of properties that means that get the best possible value for money when you install one of our floor systems.

Our Industrial epoxy floor coatings have been designed for high-performance offering:
  • High resistance to abrasion and impacts
  • Impressive compressive strength
  • Resistance against chemicals, acids, solvents and much more
  • Fast installation and repair options to ensure minimal downtime
  • Anti-slip protection available in a varying degree
  • Waterproof finishes for areas of high water exposure
  • Tenacious adhesion to prepared concrete surfaces
  • Repair and resurfacing options that are fast and economical
  • Zero formaldehyde, with zero to very low V.O.C. resins
  • No emissions after full cure

Epoxy Flooring Solutions for Maintenance, Repair & Operations Shops

There is a high likelihood of damage to these environments without the protection that Concrete Fusion’s floor systems can offer. Whether it’s accidental spillages of chemicals or other fluids, impacts from heavy tools or parts, or just daily wear and tear that goes on as part of the job, our floor systems can protection you from it all. We have a wide range of flooring options that not only offer the protection you need, but also help create a pleasant environment to work in.

Paint Shop Epoxy Coated Flooring

Some of the chemicals and solvents that are used within the paint shop industry can be exceedingly damaging to unprotected floors. Our floor systems have been specially designed to withstand these hazards, offering quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Facility and Plant Maintenance Shop Flooring

When designing a floor, balancing high productivity with safety is a difficult challenge that facility managers face. Add to this trying to create an environment that is pleasant to work in and the job gets so much harder. Our flooring options can offer highly reflective surfaces that are stain and slip resistant for the safety of staff. We can also offer high levels of customization by adding zone marking and instructional messages within the floor surface. To find out how to achieve high productivity, low levels of accidents, clean and pleasant environments, call us today.

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